The co-founder of Attire House shares his sartorial tips

Known on Instagram as @gentlemen_class_, Tatler 500 lister Brandon Chau knows a thing or two about suiting up. The young entrepreneur and barrister is the co-founder of Attire House, founder of Noblesse Group, martial arts enthusiast and father of two—but that doesn't stop him from being a bonafide style icon in Hong Kong's social circuit. 

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In our latest edition of Man of Style, we asked Chau about his fashion favourites, faux pas and shopping habits:

Describe your personal style:

I am a classic menswear devotee. I prefer bespoke and tailored clothing, usually handmade by true artisans. During weekdays, I prefer to wear a suit and I particularly favour the double-breasted style.  I also favour the smart-casual style with tailored sport jackets, chinos and loafers. For weekends, I dress very casually but often with a vintage touch.

Any fashion faux pas you'd rather forget?

There were plenty, but that’s the only way you will learn! For example, I do not wear a black suit in broad daylight anymore. 

This summer, you're mainly wearing...

I often wear a suit or a jacket during the week, mostly in Neapolitan style with very soft construction and light breathable fabrics. Sometimes I wear a safari jacket instead of a sport jacket. I also do enjoy wearing a Breton shirt, pleated shorts and espadrilles in the weekend. 

Brandon for HK Tatler.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Chau

What are your sartorial pet hates?

Not sure what that means….

Your favourite tailors?

Anderson & Sheppard Savile Row, Cifonelli Paris and Cesare Attolini Napoli.

Who are your style heroes?

Carry Grant, Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Sir Roger Moore. 

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought, clothing-wise?

A white tie evening dress commissioned from Anderson & Sheppard. 

Favourite item of clothing?

I would probably say the jacket. It is the centre of all things sartorial and each jacket’s distinctive cuts tells a different story. 

What fragrance do you wear?

Acqua di Parma, Fredric Malle, Penhaligon's.

Brandon 2 HK Tatler.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Chau

Do you accessorise?

Yes, I like to accessorise with ties, pocket square, occasional lapel pins, faux boutonnière and metal bracelets. 

Where do you shop?

London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and of course, Attire House.

Which is the best-dressed nation?

I would probably have to say Italy.

What are your bathroom cabinet essentials?

Shaving and grooming kit from Taylor of London, Aftershave, deodorant from Morton Brown and various fragrances. 

Lastly, any tips on how to stay stylish?

Be simple, be classic and be confident. 

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