Find out where you can get your hands on the highly coveted collection.

Fashion collaborations may be dime a dozen but fans are truly excited for the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collection, because its the perfect marriage between luxury and hypebeast appeal.

The collection, which has high fashion and streetwear enthusiasts alike impatiently anticipating the drop, has launched at eight pop-up stores across the globe in major fashion cities—including Bejing, Seoul, Tokyo, and more. The cities were unveiled when Louis Vuitton took to Instagram make an announcement via a video.

While local fans won't be able to get ahold of the pieces themselves quite yet (unless, of course, you happen to be in one of the chosen cities), word on the street is that the collection will be available in one Louis Vuitton store in Singapore come mid-July. 

Psst... Watch this space, as we reveal, in an upcoming post, the best way(s) to score the most coveted pieces from the collection!

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