We speak to CEO Anne-Lise Cremona to discover more about the maison's new range of solid perfumes as well as how she turned to her uncle (a certain Richard Mille) for some technical advice

For many of us, one of the last elements that complete our whole look before leaving the house is spritzing on our favourite fragrance. It is also not uncommon to refresh our scent as the day goes by, and this is how rollerball or travel-sized perfumes come in handy.

But in case you’re unaware, solid perfumes are back in vogue—and Henry Jacques is leading the charge.

The ultra-luxurious perfumery house wants to up the ante in the world of exquisite fragrances by breathing new life into the ancient art of solid perfume. And in true Henry Jacques fashion, the maison is pushing the boundaries of French haute parfumerie once again with the launch of the all-new Clic-Clac—a sophisticated, modern accessory that houses the brand’s solid perfume.

Available in precious avant-garde materials such as titanium, carbon and gold, the Clic-Clac can hold any of the 50 Les Classiques scents that come in the form of interchangeable solid perfume capsules. The solid perfume, which has a texture that is similar to a balm, thus completes the Henry Jacques trilogy alongside its Essences and Mists.

But there’s more to this new launch than just the revival of solid perfumes in the world of beauty and fragrance. For Henry Jacques chief executive Anne-Lise Cremona, it’s about completing the French house’s “Art of Living” brand by introducing a style of wearing fragrance in a modern and luxurious manner that can be done anywhere.

“After the Essences, the Brumes, a third variations of these 50 Classiques was still missing to complete the Art of Living, one that would allow one to go everywhere with his or her perfume. This is the mark of true modernity for me,” says Cremona in an interview with Tatler. “We have in our archive these incredible balms. This is how the idea of reinventing our precious Les Classiques de HJ collection in a new form that would revolutionise our way of living came to our mind.”

The Clic-Clac is indeed a fascinating everyday object that can instantly elevate one’s outfit. However, the story behind the makings of this chic accessory is also worth exploring. To ensure the Clic-Clac withstands the wear of daily handling, Henry Jacques turned to Swiss watchmaking expertise—the only discipline capable of offering an opening mechanism of foolproof precision for life. After over four years of development, the extravagant Clic-Clac achieved its patented engineering perfection and was ready to be unveiled.

This portable solid perfume can be regarded as a companion item or accessory that provides that added touch of poise and elegance when carried by its owner. Sleek and contemporary in design, the Clic-Clac is Henry Jacques’ newest symbol of luxury living at its finest. It is an objet d’art that stands the test of time and will ultimately become a treasured cult accessory that can be passed down from one owner to the next.

Below, Cremona shares more about the creative process behind the Clic-Clac, getting special feedback from her uncle Richard Mille (yes, the Richard Mille), and more. 

What inspired you to create a range of solid perfumes for Henry Jacques?

Anne-Lise Cremona (ALC): I see Henry Jacques has a true “Art of Living” brand. I created the “Les Classiques de HJ” collection inspired by the desire of allowing clients to choose and change perfumes along with their moods, the seasons, and their personal style. Today, in the same manner that we live with a diverse wardrobe, I want the olfactive wardrobe of perfume lovers to be rich, diverse, and surprising. It should be something that requires time and effort to be put together, but something that is infinitely rewarding to the owner.

The ultimate luxury is to possess your own perfume wardrobe, a sign of being chic and being evidently refined.  

What were the challenges faced during the conceptualisation of the Clic-Clac, and how did you and the team overcome them?

ALC: I have to say that this adventure has been wonderful but also very complex. It took us almost four years to finalise the object. Christophe Tollemer, our creative director, had a very definite and immovable idea of the object he wanted to create. And how right he was! We had to overcome numerous technical obstacles. How could such a small object answer to all our requirements and longings while holding interchange capsules inside. The shape, the sound, the opening, the gesture, everything had its importance. It was also the first time that perfume met watchmaking techniques. This has been a real challenge for everyone involved in this unique development.

Your uncle Richard Mille is said to have given you some ideas and feedback after the Clic-Clac was created. Can you tell us more about how this happened and how this helped with the entire creation process of the Clic-Clac?

ALC: I have a very close and natural relationship with my uncle. We both are very passionate people but also quite independent. I love more than anything else sharing with him the important step of Henry Jacques’ development and it makes both of us very happy. Regarding the Clic-Clac, he is the greatest supporter of the object and its greatest fan. This represents a lot for me and in some way, this is already a success for us. Richard shared with us his views on the finishing and the details, his experience was extremely useful.

What was your favourite part/experience about creating the Clic-Clac and this range of solid perfumes?

ALC: What I love above everything else is pushing further the limits of creation. This is something that is in my opinion terribly lacking in the perfume world today. Since I took over the direction of Henry Jacques, I tried to reverse established codes, prove that utmost refinement can exist in the perfume world. Clic-Clac follows the exact same pattern, it is the perfect representation of what a revolution can be, with the introduction of solids as modern perfumes but also in the conception of this daily life object that is so snobbish but so refined.

In your opinion, how do you think the Clic-Clac can enhance one’s lifestyle, and their art of living, and in what ways do you hope users will enjoy this accessory?

ALC: What a beautiful question! This is exactly it. For decades, women and men of style had a precious object that filled their daily life. This would help to define them, mark their allure and their presence. Today, smartphones seem to have replaced everything else. Yet, more than ever, we need to seek comfort, self-confidence, and poise in a world where everything goes extremely fast. With Clic-Clac, I wanted to bring back these personal wonderful objects and infuse them with an Art of Living that revolves around perfume. At last, we can carefully assemble our perfume wardrobe, truly travel with it, and even show ourselves with it. This is what I call style, a true form of luxury. Very quickly, this object becomes addictive, it becomes a need and this makes me happy to be able to enhance one’s lifestyle.

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