In conjunction with the Louis Vuitton Visits Penang pop-up store at Seven Terraces in Georgetown, we speak to one of the Friends of the House, Vivy Yusof about her association with Louis Vuitton and how she identifies with the brand.

vivy1.jpg(source)Vivy Yusof is wearing (from top to bottom) World Tour Bandeau, Graphic Wool Plaid Cape, Skin Monogram Rings and Petite Malle Monogram Reverse.

Tapping into its Spirit of Travel philosophy, Louis Vuitton will be journeying north to the Pearl of the Orient for the first time to showcase its travel essentials and the latest leather goods and accessories from the Women’s and Men’s Fall Winter 2016 Collection.

The Louis Vuitton Visits Penang pop-up store will be at Seven Terraces in Georgetown between September 8 and 12.

In conjunction with this historical milestone for the brand in Malaysia, we speak to one entrepreneurial tour de force about her selection as a friend of Louis Vuitton and how she identifies with the brand.

While most international brands shy away from ladies donning the hijab, one of the Connectors from our Generation T list, Vivy made fashion history as one of the first women in hijab appointed to join its long list of illustrious Friends of the House

vivy2.jpg(source)She is seen here with the Petite Malle animal print in grey.

Vivy answers 6 questions from her flight to Japan, minutes before the plane took off earlier today.

1. How does it feel being appointed as one of the Friends of the House for Louis Vuitton?

I am a big believer of the brand, I’ve been using it since my school days and it’s truly a dream come true to be named one of the Friends of the House, I still have to pinch myself to see if it’s all real. The list of Friends of the House is really diverse and not just limited to celebrities but people who have made an impact in fashion, sports, music and entrepreneurship. Louis Vuitton is so forward thinking and well-rounded. I know many international brands that wouldn't want to be affiliated with someone who dons the hijab and I feel very honoured to be one the first women with the headscarf to be associated with Louis Vuitton.

 2. Tell us more about your first introduction to the brand.

My introduction to the brand started from my mother’s closet. She’s a huge collector and I have been “stealing” her stuff, even till this very day. The Speedy that I own is very special because it’s the first Louis Vuitton bag I bought with my paycheck. I waited months for it as it had to initialed VSY and I picked it up from London. It’s not my most expensive bag but it carries a lot of meaning for me. Also thanks to my mother, I now make frequent investments at the stores. [Laughs]

3. Which is your favourite Louis Vuitton bag?

My favourite Louis Vuitton bag changes every month and it really doesn’t help my obsession when they come up with amazing new collections every now and then. I really like the Petite Malle at the moment, there’s nothing quite like it. It’s original and I like the story of how it originated from the trunk. My husband hates it because it’s so expensive and not very useful cos I can’t put his stuff in it but that’s a huge plus point for me!

4. Will you be at the Louis Vuitton Visits Penang pop-up store this weekend?

I wish they could change the date just for me, I will be away in Japan for work. I think it’s really cool to have this happening in Penang and I trust that Louis Vuitton will do it in full taste. I’ll be following the happenings on Instagram.

5. How do you identify with the brand?

I always joke that LV stands for Love Vivy, which is the name of my reality show. I sometimes tell my husband that I need to get the latest Louis Vuitton bag because it has my initials on it and he always rolls his eyes. For me, it’s all about quality. I don’t buy it because it’s a designer label but I know when I buy a Louis Vuitton bag, it’s money well spent as I can use it for years. It carries a lot of meaning in my family because of my mum. It may sound corny but it really brings my family together, we get to share our bags between mother and daughters. 

6. How are your dreams and aspirations similar to that of the brand?

Who wouldn’t want a story like Louis Vuitton, with history dating back to more than a century. It’s amazing how they’ve built the brand and sustained in the competitive fashion industry. There are so many luxury brands out there but there has to be a good reason why we keep coming back to Louis Vuitton. I really look up to the brand. I want to build FashionValet and The dUCk Group along the values of Louis Vuitton, to never compromise on quality and always be one step ahead when producing collections. I hope to have just a tiny fraction of the legacy Louis Vuitton has built.

For a private appointment of the Louis Vuitton Visits Penang pop-up store in Seven Terraces, kindly call 1-300-888-586.

(Photos: Louis Vuitton)

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