The collaboration of two iconic brands marked the new age uptown-meets-downtown style poised to dominate the men's fashion scene.


An echo of the seventies, eighties and early nineties fell over the Louis Vuitton men’s autumn/winter 2017 fashion show, as models took to the runway in looks that combined logo-heavy, denim-dominated and hip hop-inspired attire of New York. “It’s uptown and downtown. Artists and musicians, friends and heroes,” declared Kim Jones, the Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director, to the fashionable onlookers who had excitedly awaited the show to begin.

Untitled design (11).jpg(source)

The collection recalled quintessential Manhattan artists the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, whose creativity with their wardrobes were the hallmark of New York dressing. Three decades of complex masculinity was explored in the men’s collection that was elegant and relaxed – think street-smart essentials, like wide pants, polished tailoring and French luxury fabric trimmed to utilitarian shapes. Notable looks were Basquiat’s distinctively tailored loose coats and raw-cut cashmere imprinted with collages of Louis Vuitton ads from the thirties – a nod to the then obsession with deco revivalism of the seventies. 

edit David Beckham, Kate Moss, Xavier Dolan.jpg(source)David Beckham, Kate Moss and Xavier Dolan

Above all, the highlight of the presentation was in its new collaboration with Supreme– a markedly bold new move for the maison, which Jones summed up as an essential: “No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme.” The collaboration of New York street style and French savoir-faire marked a conversation that transcended the past and present, warmly welcoming to the city’s friends and heroes.

Among the guests were a trendy set of celebrities and style influencers, including Kate Moss, David Beckham, Usher and Lewis Hamilton, dressed in Louis Vuitton. See the trendsetters, backstage and runway scenes that were the show's highlights:

edit Takanori Iwata, Usher, Naoto.jpg(source)Takanori Iwata, Usher and Naoto

edit Colton Haynes, Nick Robinson, Kim Jones, Will Poulter, Brenton Thwaites.jpg(source)Colton Haynes, Nick Robinson, Louis Vuitton men's creative director Kim Jones, Will Poulter and Brenton Thwaites

edit Alan Cappelli.jpg(source)Alan Cappelli

edit David Beckham.jpg(source)David Beckham

edit James Marsden.jpg(source)James Marsden

edit Kate Moss.jpg(source)Kate Moss

edit_D805815.jpg(source) Louis Vuitton black felted wool beret

edit _D804813.jpg(source)An assortment of leather shoes and sneakers 

edit LV_FW17_Detail_030.jpg(source)Navy Cuir Taurillon leather duffle backpack

editLV_FW17_Detail_049.jpg(source)Red Epi Louis Vuitton x Superem charm on a silver beaded wallet chain 

edit_D805686.jpg(source)Monogram Macassar and silver and red Louis Vuitton x Supreme badges

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edit LV05.jpg(source)

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edit LV28.jpg(source)

edit LV_FW17_Detail_181.jpg(source)Khaki Epi patchwork Christopher blackpack


edit LV_FW17_Detail_079.jpg(source)Blue Nouvel Horizon silk archive print pyjama shirt

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