Cover Loro Piana unveils its new statement handbag, Seisa (Photo: Courtesy of Loro Piana)

The new statement handbag is named after the valley housing Loro Piana's headquarters as well as that the river that crosses it

Loro Piana, well-loved for its use of soft cashmere, fine wool and rare fabrics such as Vicuña, is expanding its luxury accessories category with the launch of a new statement bag, Seisa. The handbag is curved in shape, soft to touch and conveys an idea of harmony with its uncontrived flow and as a whole project a sense of effortlessness, continuity and femininity.

The curve gives Sesia its unique and distinctive shape, inspired by the silhouettes of natural objects and organic forms of modernist Italian design. Sesia is named after the valley where Loro Piana's headquarters is located and the river that crosses it. It's an emblem of a timeless connection between nature and human ingenuity that has always been a distinctive trait of Loro Piana craftsmanship. The bag is so masterfully crafted that it evolved 800 steps, 20 artisans and 83 different elements assembled using precise techniques.

While the creation process is a time-honoured passion for beauty and quality, Sesia is a bag that's meant for easy use, fitting perfectly across occasions whether it's work or leisure. It also comes in different sizes which correspond to different attitudes and ways to carry oneself.

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CEO Fabio D'Angelantonio believes the statement handbag carries the Italian fashion brand's values of timeless elegance, pure lines and excellent craftsmanship. As a statement handbag, the house's crest appears on the bottom right angle of the bag, in a form of an enamel button in the same shade of leather. The padlocks and straps, either in matching leather or Suitcase Stripe fabric, allows one to interpret Sesia as one wishes or needs.

Beyond being just a handbag, Sesia is designed to be enjoyed with both the eyes and hands, taking in the suppleness of the colours while gently caressing the grain of the leather. The materials flow from Satin Smooth to Grain Matt leather to Soft Shiny alligator while the hues range from delicate rose, whisper white to buttercup yellow, burnt orange, sunset rose and navy blue. It can be worn at the elbow, on the shoulder or cross-body with its removable and playful shoulder strap.

Sesia is a handbag that heralds an idea of style as a balance, drawing a seamless line that brings together roots, modernity and ease.

For more details on Sesia, please visit Loro Piana's official website.

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