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Extremely popular, Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez’s umbrella line - Le Weekend by RO, has rapidly become a mainstay for intimate gatherings at home with Le Weekend Play and for looking chic while exercising with Le Weekend Sport. The latest instalment is now out – Le Bar.

According to fashion designer, Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez, the weekend is a state of mind. “Le Weekend isn’t limited to just the end of the workweek,” she explains. “It’s a mood. A mindset. A lifestyle.” The latest umbrella line of the enterprising creative offers a line of easy-to-wear, chic loungewear, fun and sexy sportswear and now, just launched a few days ago – bar carts.  

“We use the hashtag #musiquecardiococktails because we believe in enjoying life with gusto. We love the long leisurely lunches, sundowners and après skis! Completely shutting down on some weeks of the year is not optional, but necessary,” she exclaims. “I lived in Milan for five years so that’s the Italian in me speaking. Yes, I work full time and exercise four to five times a week, but I also enjoy my wine and love winding down this way. Cardio and cocktails? Yes, you can!”

Known for flirty cocktails dresses and glamorous long gowns, her style, however, has evolved with the times. “While I am not designing cocktail dresses or heavily adorned garments that aren’t currently appropriate for the situation, creating these looks were actually a natural transition for me. The clothes under the Le Weekend Play brand are pieces I myself would wear for city or resort living. They are relaxed, yes but still playful and flirty and still embody that RO spirit through colour, cut and detail.” 

Staying home more doesn't give anyone the excuse to be sloppy. Banish the pyjamas and live every day as chicly as possible. Made from linens and other easy easy-to-wear fabrics, the looks are all suitable to a multitude of activities at home - from cooking a nice meal barefoot to attending zoom meetings. Dress them up with some bold jewellery and a pair of sparkly sandals for al fresco cocktails with some friends.  


The eternal sun-seeker and beach bum admits that she can’t escape the vacationista state of mind, despite the lockdowns. “Le Weekend truly represents my own personal lifestyle,” says Rosanna. “Those who know me well are aware that I’m a girl of the tropics through and through. I wanted to make sure this message was apparent in our pieces. The idea came to me when I found myself wearing my vacation clothes during quarantine.”

Just a few months shy of her fortieth birthday, Rosanna has been looking her fittest ever and it is her commitment to this athletic lifestyle that inspired the creation of Le Weekend Sport. “Exercise has played an integral part in my well-being for as long as I can remember and this proved to be truer during the tight measures of the three-month lockdown earlier this year. I worked out almost every day to keep my sanity and release the anxiety,” a sentiment that many can identify with. “I knew I would be navigating unfamiliar waters here as I would have to experiment with different textures and silhouettes but because I’ve been working out for over two decades now, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and had such an amazing time going through the process.”

Le Bar, the last link of the Le Weekend trifecta, was launch just a few days ago. Compromised of two styles, one more classic and the other more ornate, both pay homage to the fun-loving, bar districts in her two favourite European cities – Pompidou for the Marais in Paris and Brera in Milan. Each cart is available in two colours - Crocodile Green and Smoky Blue. “We have those Aperitivo Milanese and month-long vacanzas in our DNA. Winding down for the Le Weekend girl can be a sunset run in the village or an ice-cold cocktail - or both,” Rosanna declares. “It’s good to have options. Santé!”

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