Cover Expect a familiar yet innovative collaboration between the sports car giant and Yamamoto this fall (Photo: Courtesy of Lamborghini)

The sports car brand teases collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto in two cryptic photos

Legendary Japanese fashion designer, Yohiji Yamamoto, teased his next move on Monday, announcing his collaboration with Lamborghini in a short press release and two vague images. 

The teasers include a photo of a monochrome co-branded Lamborghini badge, with Yamamoto’s signature scribbled on the bottom, as well as a red, white and black camo-esque art piece with white kanji and katakana characters featured on top. 

Promising to blend together the two brand’s “tradition and DNA” while staying innovative, expect the collaboration to showcase the craftsmanship of the two brands, creating “iconic pieces of art”. 

The 76-year-old designer has had quite a year with back to back collaborations. From his most recent camo watch drop with Hublot, to his streetwear partnership with Supreme, Yamamoto is no stranger to working with brands, but this Lamborghini collaboration may be his biggest one to date. 

While partnering with Lamborghini may seem out of the ordinary for Yamamoto, the designer is actually a long-time car enthusiast, having started driving since he was 18 years old. In 2014, Yamamoto drove his 1980s Nissan Cedric around Tokyo for a NOWNESS video, revealing his love for low profile, classic vehicles including his collection of Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and an antique Austin. 

“I like glamour, but I also want to have a low profile. I find modern car design so ugly, so I found this car on the internet,” he said, referring to his Nissan Ceric.  

Although there’s little information on what the collaboration might entail, there’s been speculations that the pair will be producing a custom body wrap in the red, black and white pattern. In the meantime, you can try and get your hands on Yamamoto’s limited, 200 pieces Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto Hublot watch. 

Further information on Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini’s collaboration will be announced in late October.

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