Cover The Kara x I.T. popup art installation in collaboration with Esmay Wagemans and Vini Nascimento (Photo: Instagram @kara)

The brand’s designer Sarah Law has collaborated with visual artists and local fashion retailer I.T.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Hong Kong, Sarah Law has experienced the many facets of identity on a personal level. “As a mixed person, I have often been told that I'm not Chinese enough or not Caucasian American enough, but I strongly feel that not only do I identify with each culture, I am both,” Law says.
She sees her accessories brand, Kara, as a place where individuals can freely express “the full spectrum of diversity that exists”.

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To celebrate this idea, Law collaborated with Hong Kong retailer I.T. to create a pop-up art installation that conveys the many elements that make up “identity”. She commissioned work from artists Esmay Wagemans and Vini Nascimento, both of whom blur the lines between physical and digital expression.

Wagemans is a science-fiction artist who made casts of the hands of different people to hold Kara handbags from the Fall 2021 collection. Meanwhile, digital artist Nascimento incorporated organic textures in his video renderings which will be shown at the store.

Kara pieces included in the pop-up are in a colour palette of white, gold and baby blue, and include a continuation of their best-selling crystal pieces such as the Armpit bag and Crystal Mesh Visor bag. The brand has also created a Midi Crystal fringe tote in black shearling as an exclusive item for the launch of this partnership.

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The installation will be presented in four cities, beginning with Hong Kong and Shanghai until September 21, followed by appearances in Beijing and Chengdu which begin on October 6.

See the installation at the I.T. Store in Causeway Bay.