We catch up with Jourden’s Anais Mak shortly after her trip to Paris to celebrate her latest collaboration with Colette

The closing of Parisian concept store and cult favourite, Colette, has left many people wondering what the future holds for the world of retail, including 2016 Gen.T lister Anais Mak. So much so that the Jourden designer teamed up with Colette for one last hurrah—a 60s futurism-inspired capsule aptly named “The Future of Retail”—complete with a space-age vending machine.

We spoke with Mak about her big break in Paris and how she envisions the world of fashion in the near future: 

Sarah from Colette was one of the first people to carry your collection, can you tell us what’s that like?

I met Sarah back in 2015 at our showroom in Paris, and she picked us up on the spot. It was our fourth collection and we were extremely lucky to be picked up by stores such as Colette and Opening Ceremony. It was a nerve-racking moment when I presented my collection to her, but she was really encouraging and nice. It was definitely a dream come true moment for me. She has given me some encouraging advice along the way, and always tells me to stick with what I believe in.


Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Courtesy of Jourden

Colette will be closing its doors end of the year, what’s your feeling on this?

It will be very sad to see Colette close their doors at the end of the year. At this particular time of changes—in the diverse ways people can connect with fashion, the ever-shifting schedule of the industry and new retail models in general—I would be very excited to see what the next step is for Sarah. After all, she’s run Colette for 20 years and has made it something that's much more than a simple retail space, but a hub and a gathering place for creatives from all around the world.

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The theme is “The Future of Retail”. Did you work to come up with the concept of the space-age vending machine? What was the process of the collaboration like?

"The Future of Retail" is our little playful ode to the ongoing innovative and fun spirit of Colette; if there was ever a floating vending machine in space, it would definitely be from Colette!

Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Courtesy of Jourden

What do you think the future of retail will look like?

I hope to see more personal connection and communication between designers and consumers. Jourden has an online retail platform and social media pages, but beyond that, I still hope to discover new channels for us to engage with our audience.

Can you tell us about the exclusive styles you designed for this special collaboration?

We stuck with colours that are very true to Colette—their signature blue, black and white. We worked with the intricate technique of heat-pressed synthetic embroideries for a blue, white and black polka dot pattern. The heat applied gives the synthetic thread a glossy finish and the embroideries were then sewn onto a mesh. We have three exclusive styles that are in classic Jourden silhouettes—a tee, a shirt, and a gathered midi-skirt. We also reworked the FW17 pieces by adding volume, and adjusting the dresses' hem lengths to give the capsule collection some extra flounce.

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Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Courtesy of Jourden

What’s next for Jourden? Any special projects in the pipeline?  

We are currently in talks about a collaboration on an outdoor and workwear label. I’m also working on wardrobe for a Hong Kong film that will be released next year or the year after. I can’t reveal any more, but definitely stay tuned!

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