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Find out what interior designer JJ Acuña is buying this week—from oversized cashmere cardigans to ethically produced T-shirts.

James ‘JJ’ Acuna is the creative director behind his eponymous bespoke studio and is responsible for some of Hong Kong’s most recognisable interiors. Have you been to Tate Dining Room, Coffeelin, Miss Lee, Little Bao, Elephant Grounds or Honbo Hamburgers? Then you’ll already be well-acquainted with his style.

Thanks to his obvious eye for design, Acuña channels his love for all things aesthetic into his wardrobe too. Whether he’s wearing trendy glasses, bowling shirts, suspenders or flower patterns, wherever he goes, he’s sure to make a statement. He tells Tatler what he’s lusting after this week:

Oversized Fringed Cashmere-Jacquard Cardigan, Alanui

"As soon as we got into July, I was already ready for a Fall/Winter wardrobe. I’m so happy to see this cashmere-jacquard cardigan inspired by Chile’s Atacama desert. It reminds me of what people used to wear in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, but now it’s fashion."

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Woven Throw, Rosanna Corfe x The Floristry

“I really love this textile. It’s a cotton throw designed by artist Rosanna Corfe for local flower company The Floristry. It’s just the right amount of art, texture and colour that can bring my home from autumn to Christmas in all the right ways.”

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Brighton Boat Shoe, Christian Kimber

“Christian Kimber is a great guy, whom I’ve grown to know personally. I love his menswear. His pieces are well-made and timeless. I’m totally into his new Brighton boat shoe because I can dress it up with trousers or dress it down with shorts. Either way, I'll look 100 per cent professional.”

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Large Verona Candle, Brown Marble, Soho Home

“This brown marble candle from Soho Home is a really great interior accessory for autumn. Lighting this candle and pairing it with a book and a glass of whisky would be my perfect way to end a long week.”

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Make It Yours Shirt by Coco Dávez, Brava Fabrics

“This eco and ethically produced shirt is designed by Coco Davez for Portugal’s Brava. I think it’s the right amount of festive for autumn while being a great homage to Eighties Memphis-style design. I’m totally feeling it.”

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