Deck out your shoe closet with the hottest designer sneakers including Christian Louboutin, Versace and Tom Ford that will have the ladies swooning on your steps.

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Following the hottest heels in fall 2014 for the ladies, we take a look at the footwear that has been currently buzzing in the man's world – sneakers.

With the new surge of fashion-loving men stomping down the streets in fashion capitals everywhere, it is with no surprise that these men own almost as much (some actually more) shoes as the women.

In the men’s footwear range, sneakers are the latest ‘it’ shoe to wear this season. We have seen men jazzing it up with unique shapes and textures, while others challenge the conventional formal dress code by pairing suits with sneakers.

In the new men’s footwear collections, unique sneakers are aplenty like the sleek Versace black-croc leather sneakers with gold accents that will have all eyes turning at every corner – perfect for red carpet walks.

Rick Owens flies high with unconventional shapes for its shoes like the wing-tipped sneakers, done in collaboration with Adidas. Elsewhere, Lanvin's sneakers plays with neon shades and see-through soles that are perfect with a tailored royal blue suit.

For red sole lovers, get it on with Christian Louboutin’s ‘Louis’ high top with the signature strass texture that will even have the ladies swooning on your steps. On the other side of red, Tom Ford's silky smooth scarlet velvet high tops are also in our coveted list.


Click through the gallery below for the hottest sneakers for this season:


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