Cover Bea Valdes’ bespoke pieces feature distinct ruffled silhouettes

Lauded by Vogue US, Bea Valdes continues on in her design journey with with pieces of wearable art that come in a variety of fashionable textures

The designer’s intricately designed fashion pieces are more than just a sartorial statement. In many ways, they’re wearable works art. There’s a touch of the avant-garde in each piece, that does not overshadow the signature flair for the feminine. From handbags to sculptures and even jewellery, Bea Valdes’ collection of Filipino-inspired beauty is always a prized possession.

Formerly known as a tour de force in the world of interior design, Valdes has since made her mark in the world of fashion. Her bespoke pieces, which feature an array of clothes elegantly beaded, layered, embroidered and painted are elevated looks of modern silhouettes. Ruffles, beads and lacy patterns are mainstays; and her creations manage to find equilibrium on the fine line that separates modernity and timelessness.

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“The most important components of our entire enterprise has always been the people, the artisans and the quality of the workshop,” the brand explains. “There is a sense of community and sharing of knowledge that epitomises the Filipino spirit of bayanihan.” Now more than ever do we understand how important this concept of sharing is. Work done at the design studio uplifts not just the fashion industry and the people behind it, but it also revitalises our cultural scenes in both art and couture.

These days, the Manila-based atelier continues to grow after almost two decades on the scene. Having been founded in 2004, and immediately recognised by US Vogue in 2005 as “This Year’s Must-Have”, Valdes’ style is as iconic as ever. The brand continues to offer timeless pieces crafted by local artisans, all of which are as much of a statement as it first was in 2004.