To celebrate International Men’s Day, we’ve looked at Asia’s most fashionable men, from John Cho in ‘Cowboy Bebop’ to Henry Golding in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Arnold Wong

This suit-savvy man has unique taste in tailoring, having been exposed to the best styles from his previous work at luxury boutique Attire House in Hong Kong. Wong has combined lots of different details, including colour, cut and collar, to create a look that is playful yet smart. He also loves a good hat, an accessory that just isn’t worn enough today.

Jackson Wang

This seasoned rapper, singer and now designer has tried a lot of looks over the years, but his current edgy and alternative style is really working for him. Unusual pieces are not out of the question, such as this single-sleeved jacket with plenty of pockets and Velcro, and he’s also dabbled in bold patterns and colour combinations.

Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki, of Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, sticks to a generally neutral colour palette true to minimalistic Japanese fashion. However, he selects timeless pieces with interesting details, whether that is a funky fabric or a purposefully oversized fit. We can’t get enough of this clean, all black look—and his long pushed back hair and neat scarf are the perfect touch.

John Cho

Korean American actor John Cho’s recent role as Spike Speigel in the latest anime-turned-live action series Cowboy Bebop is reminding us that he’s got great taste. His most recent press appearances have all integrated Western elements from his character’s costume, but this light, monochrome denim look takes the cake.

Evan Mock

Model, skater and actor Evan Mock blurs the lines of masculine and feminine with his cool personal tastes, and he doesn’t shy away from crop tops, nail polish or jewellery. His signature look usually involves some kind of sleeveless top, shorts or workpants, but this Filipino American can elevate those basics for fashion week or the red carpet.

Chang Chen

Chang Chen has worn plenty of styles on the red carpet throughout his many years in film, including trying monochrome looks, unique prints and many a bowtie. The Taiwanese actor’s role as Dr. Wellington Yueh in the new sci-fi epic Dune has him back in the public eye, and this photoshoot is a great representation of his exciting and experimental style.

Desmond Tan

Desmond Tan does classic with a twist all the time, whether that’s a beautifully tailored suit in a shade of powder blue shade or styling a short-sleeved Oxford shirt with a mesh vest. It’s clear this Singaporean actor loves fashion, as he regularly sports the latest collections from all the biggest brands. This crisp and cosy head-to-toe Dior look for winter is a winner.

Dev Patel

Dev Patel could wear anything and still look good, and it’s his casual wear that has caught our attention. Even though this Indian actor usually wears plain T-shirts, trousers and button up shirts, there’s an understated luxury present with its muted colours and lack of zero logos. It’s best demonstrated by this jumper and zip neck combination—so simple yet chic.

Brian Imanuel

Also known as Rich Brian, this Indonesian rapper and singer enjoys putting a colourful outfit together. Moving to Los Angeles, coupled with the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, has had a laidback influence on his fashion choices and he leans towards hoodies, shorts and oversized T-shirts.

Henry Golding

Henry Golding is suave, often choosing slim fits and smart casual pieces. The Malaysian British actor likes a modern twist too, as demonstrated by this slick blazer that crosses over his torso. We can’t help but think that Golding continues to express the style of his most memorable character, billionaire Nick Young from Crazy Rich Asians.


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