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Bling Empire, Emily In Paris, CLOY—these are only some of the TV shows that have influenced the way we dress

We have been immersed in the fictitious world of TV shows for quite some time now. And while we're engaged in the stories they tell, we also find ourselves swooning over their outfits. Surely, many of us have tried looking for chic pieces that some characters have donned on screen. In the past, many have tried the same after seeing it on a TV show with the likes of Sex And The City and Gossip Girl. Today, more iconic looks continue to change the way we dress.

The same thing happened when viewers streamed Netflix's Lupin, a new show that follows the modern tale of gentleman thief and master of disguise Arsène Lupin. Lupin appears debonair in a three-piece suit and beret when he's not deceiving people. But the eye-catching detail from his whole ensemble are his sneakers, particularly the Nike Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 "Fearless" might match the mood of the series, but this changes in the last episode. Instead, Lupin is seen running away in a coveted Nike Air Jordan Mid 1 "Yellow Toe". Just 10 days after airing, Nike's online platforms saw an increase of 460 per cent in click-throughs for the "Yellow Toes".

Similar to Lupin's case, Emily In Paris has inspired its global viewers to look into the character's clothes, especially red berets—the search rose 100 per cent. The search for Emily's handbags also skyrocketed not long after. The vibrant Ganni skirt that Emily wore in the first episode also garnered a 128 per cent increase in searches just 48 hours after the series premiere.

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If you've seen It's OK Not To Be OK, then you might have admired how Ko Mun Yeong looked exquisite in her power outfits. It seems audiences loved it so much that various publications and vloggers began analysing her choice of clothes and ranking her best looks. But what's even more notable about the character's style is the fact that she mostly donned luxurious Korean brands.

Crash Landing On You, a hit TV series from South Korea also trended for the female characters' iconic looks. Yoon Se-Ri has it all—from Chanel, Fendi, to Roger Vivier —and she knows how to style each brand into an outfit that evokes power and elegance. But aside from Se-Ri is the equally elegant Seo Dan who had her fair share of fashionable, dramatic moments such as when at lunch with her friends or at the department store with her mother.

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Crash Landing On You included coveted jewellery pieces and watches from Chopard and Swarovski. During and after the show aired, Swarovski sales increased. Viewers, the loyal fans, are clearly watching and wanting to rock the same styles, from fashion to accessories. 

While most of these shows inspire their viewers to try contemporary pieces from luxury designers ranging from clothes to jewellery, another show has urged its audience to try something a little different.

The Queen's Gambit has given its audience a chance to take interest in wearing vintage pieces. Just weeks after the show's premiere, checkered coats amassed more than 383 per cent of clicks online. There were also 131 per cent more clicks for white wool coats, and a 57 per cent increase in search for turtleneck sweaters! 

Given that The Queen's Gambit centres on the game of chess (apart from Beth Harmon's compelling story), many people decided to try their hand at chess. The New York Times shared in an article sharing how chess set sales jumped just a few weeks after the show's launch.

This however, is not a new occurrence. A study shows that TV shows have always played a role in promoting new trends and products. Eventually, it leads to the 'modelling effect' which happens when the viewer or audience "consciously model their own appearance after the model character." I guess life does imitate art, after-all. 

This phenomenon continues, one new show after the other. Bling Empire, in particular, has been giving its viewers style inspiration. This new reality show is a game-changer, as it breaks the stereotypical mold of the Asian stereotype. It showcases real-life crazy rich Asians wearing luxury designer brands from Dior to Bottega Veneta, in the utmost extravagance. 

Although fashion is ever-changing and the options are endless, the decision always falls into your hands. Perhaps the most fun part about watching these shows is not just taking inspiration from these contemporary styles but adding (or removing) details to make each look your own.

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