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Here's how you can choose the right Spring/Summer 2021 luxury frames from your favourite brands!

Choosing the right frame is one thing, but choosing the best lens to pair it with is another. So if you're having a hard time looking for the right eyeglasses, be sure to choose one that matches your personality and way of life. 

Here are our top picks that you can try based on your lifestyle:

Prada eyeglasses for the driven millennial

Prada eyeglasses paired with the Blue Safe Lutina Ultra Strength Lenses are a great choice for the driven millennial. The anti-eyestrain lenses can give vision relief when using digital devices and add protection from harmful digital light. The lenses cut 95 per cent of High Energy Violet light (UV and blue light) and even have an extra layer of blue shield coating just to provide more protection for your eyes. So whether you're out under the sun or spending a few hours in front of the computer, this pair will keep you stylish and protected.

Ray-Ban eyeglasses for the on-the-go executive

Stay chic even on busy days with these Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Be sure to pair it with the latest generation of Transitions lenses which conveniently transitions from clear lenses to dark lenses outdoors. It darkens in just 30 seconds and returns to clear lenses faster than ever. It even has built-in UV and blue light protection.

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Giorgio Armani eyeglasses for the CEO

Every CEO needs Giorgio Armani eyeglasses paired with SHAMIR Autograph Intelligence Progressive Lenses. These lenses are impressively customised to fit your eyes' visual needs using artificial intelligence technology for an easy transition. You'll adjust to this pair with ease. It's also thin and lightweight!

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Gucci eyeglasses for the seasoned professional

If you're a seasoned professional who needs eyeglasses that can adapt to every environment and lenses that can transition from indoor to outdoor, then you'll love Gucci eyeglasses with the Transitions Gen8 lenses. Whenever you head outdoors, the lenses transition from clear to dark and returns when you're back indoors. It also has built-in UV and blue light protection to protect you from blinding sun rays or the light coming from your phone or computer screen.

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