Surrounded by a bounty of impressive craftsmanship in the form of clutches, scarves and bags in the Frankitas gallery in Damansara Heights, an afternoon spent with Franki Turner is filled with curating looks using the accessories on showcase.

Having moved to Malaysia, Franki intends to communicate her Indonesian heritage by incorporating traditional textiles like ikat and batik into accessories created by Malaysian bag makers and weavers all over Asia. Hence, Frankitas was born.

Believing that colours evoke emotions, Franki’s personal style is never lacking in multiple shades and textures that are very much in tune with her “style DNA” - a term she coined.

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Can you describe your style?

A bit eclectic. I love vintage and I’m also a bit of a hippie. I wear bell-bottom jeans because of the flairs and because comfort is key.

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Do you plan your wardrobe ahead?

I used to. I don’t do that anymore. I go by how I feel, I don’t really have time to sort through my clothes. I’m not that organised when it comes to my personal style.

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Do you coordinate your accessories according to what you’re wearing or the other way around?

When it comes to accessorising, I am quite specific especially with bags and jewellery. I’ll work out an outfit based on the jewellery if it’s a rare find that I’m completely obsessed with. That piece would be the hero of the outfit. But it also depends on my current fascination. For example, if I bought a new bag then that would be the main piece of the look. I don’t match everything, I colour block a lot.

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What do you enjoy most about dressing up?

The different emotions that I get. I’m very sensitive to how I and others feel, too. It’s one of the things that I learnt from my mum, which is the ability to empathise and clothes represent that; the emotional effect it has on me and others.

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What are 3 essentials from your wardrobe?

From Monday to Friday, you can find me in denim cut-offs, slippers and a cotton t-shirt. When I do go out, I love toga dresses because they expose the part of the woman’s body that I find beautiful which is the neck. Another essential would be palazzo pants and black skinny jeans. For accessories, it would be clutches and big chunky earrings.

Swipe down for the day to night look (Photo credit: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler)

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Do you have a style motto?

Everyone has their own style DNA. Once you identify that then you can express the way you wanted it to be without being affected by what others think. And that is truly a personal style.


Franki shows us how she takes her day look in a vivid blue and yellow A-line dress from Syomirizwa Gupta to night by trading a chic traditional dyed bandana with an elegant scarf. 

Get the day look

Colourful bandana bringing out retro vibes. 

Get the day look

Gold rain-drop earrings.

Get the night look

Blue scarf with dyed motifs and pom-poms from Manekbeads.

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Hoop earrings with gold globes by Fugeelah

Cover graphic by Amir Rashid. 

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