Whether it is your newly-bought Chanel dress straight from Haute Couture week in Paris, or a lineal mink coat inherited from your grandmother, storing and cleaning these precious pieces can be a challenge. Rest assured, Tatler’s in-house fashion team is here to give you some guidance on how to maintain and preserve your most treasured garments

Trust Your Furs To Jeeves of Belgravia

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Jeeves

This famous dry-cleaning service, favoured by royals, offers comprehensive premium clothing treatment. Jeeves’ garment care process consists of seven steps that include dry cleaning, hand cleaning, detailing and even damage repair.

The establishment is known for its use of environmentally-friendly detergents and conditioners that are gentle on fabrics. Apart from conventional cleaning, Jeeves also offers an exclusive fur care package that includes garment spa and long-term off-season storage.

Find out more at jeeves.com.hk

Take Your Couture To Valet de Mode

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Valet de Mode

Valet de Mode is a true find for local couture collectors. Established in 2002, this garment cleaning service prides itself in giving exceptional care to such delicate fabrics as silk and cashmere. They also specialise in cleaning pieces with intricate embroidery and beading.

So, if you have a Zuhair Murad dress covered in red wine stains, you can trust Valet de Mode to take care of it.

Find out more at valetdemode.com

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Leave Your Delicates With Goodwins of London

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Goodwins is another London-founded dry-cleaning service that has won the hearts (and closets) of Hong Kong luxury lovers. This dry cleaner has the necessary state-of-the-art technology to provide proper care to delicate and fragile vintage pieces, precious garments and antique furniture.

A combination of detergent and hand-washing ensures gentle removal of all impurities and makes further colour restoration easier. The Goodwins also offers delivery of all the cleaned and restored garments so that you don’t have to worry about the stress of having to drive your ballgowns around the city.

Find out more at goodwinsoflondon.com

Keep Your Garments Safe With PAKT

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Above Photo: Courtesy of PAKT

Storing your clothing properly is as important as keeping it clean, especially in Hong Kong, where space is scarce and the climate can be extreme. Hence, finding a storage space that ensures your garments are preserved is essential. 
When it comes to an efficient and reputable clothing concierge service, there's no match for PAKT. The company offers a range of wardrobe extension services for seasonal management or everyday use. Their special Luxe package will ensure your pieces are picked up by a white-gloved valet, placed in high-quality garment bags and transported to the storage facility.

PAKT’s storage spaces have 24/7 air conditioning, total humid and temperature control and are equipped with odour and dust filters to ensure that, when you decide to retrieve the garment, it feels fresh and crisp. This service is especially relevant for seasonal clothing that requires highly specific storage conditions, like fur, cashmere, leather, and suede. Once placed in the storage facility, all the pieces can be traced through the Digital Wardrobe that is customized by PAKT’s team and delivered back to you whenever is most convenient.

Find out more at PAKT

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