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Hogan's brand of chic urban footwear have remained a timeless design in the world of luxury sneakers. This year, they launch inventive takes on classic silhouettes alongside the announcement of a new global ambassador

Ah, the luxury sneaker. In the late 2010s, as the athleisure trend gained momentum, fashion houses scrambled to fill demand. Yet, through all this, the classic design of Hogan sneakers remains an undeterred frontrunner. Launched in 1986, Hogan embodies the contemporary urbanite soul, the obvious influence of some of their most iconic shoes. This year, Hogan continues its expansion in style — having finally arrived in the Philippines — with the launch of a new line and brand ambassador. 

Leo Wu Lei, a young actor of enormous potential, represents Hogan through their new line of men's shoes. All the designs are refined takes on classic sneakers that are sure to match any and every style or aesthetic. 

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For The Streetwear Savvy

The Hogan Interaction shoe is the perfect pair for every dapper dude. Inspired by the swagger of streetwear, these black sneakers incorporate metallic tones against a sleek shade of slate black, adding contrast and depth to the design. As with all sneakers in Hogan's line of men's footwear, these feature memory foam soles tucked inside light and breathable materials, all of which complement the shoe's fluidity, making it a comfortable pick for every adventure. 



The best part? The Interaction shoe also comes in a more feminine palette, perfect for those looking to play with colourful shades. But be it in pink, green, white, or black, the Interaction shoe is sure to be the right choice for those looking for attractive additions to their streetwear style. 

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The cosmopolitan lifestyle is translated perfectly into footwear by Hogan's iCube sneakers. Designed as an all-white shoe, this pristine pair features a flat sole with the classic H emblem camouflaged on the quarter panel. It is made from dual-surface leather and guarantees versatility through its minimalist use of colour, making it a good pair for formal events or casual occasions around the city. 


Vintage looks aren't complete without the Hogan H383. Arguably one of its most distinctive shoes, the Hogan H383 features a tri-colour contrast of blue or green, white, and red. Though minimalist in structure, the shoe is eye-catching in its colour. It's made with the finest materials to ensure durability and flexibility while still being the most becoming part of your ensemble. 



It's only fair that Hogan's line of sneakers for women have their time under the sun. Those looking for more colourful takes on Hogan silhouettes can turn their attention to the Hyper Active and the Maxi Active models. 

The Hyper Active, which comes in contemporary colours of white and black, are themselves interspersed with a rainbow of complementary colours. Its distinctive scalloped midsole and chunky design are part of its charm, sure to win the approval of every sartorial stylist. 

Meanwhile, the Maxi Active, which features three types of animal print, carries a chunky sole that makes walking as comfortable as can be. 

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Check out Hogan's latest collection at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing.

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