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In the age of fast fashion, more and more brands are doing their part in driving the industry towards a more responsible path. From Gabriela Hearst's commitment to using up-cycled materials to Dôen’s initiatives that provide education to girls in India, keep reading to discover which labels are making their mark as sustainability advocates.

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Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela Hearst makes timeless pieces that are eco-conscious and sustainable for the modern woman. The Uruguayan designer emphasizes that for her, luxury is about integrity and premium quality of the materials. Sustainable fabrics, 100% biodegradable packaging and zero-waste policies—these initiatives, alongside Hearst's impeccable modern designs, have earned the brand the Pratt’s Fashion Visionary Award in 2018 and Woolmark'sWomenswear International Prize in 2017. 
This summer, be sure to try the Norah Dress made from the finest cotton, or slip into a pair of the label's flowy pants that are perfect for a luxury staycation.

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Stine Goya

Sustainability, open mindedness, and unapologetically fabulous designs—these words perfectly describe Stine Goya. The Copenhagen-based brand sets an ambitious goal to eliminate the use of non-environmentally-conscious materials. For example, the brand opts for recycled cotton and cashmere rather than virgin materials. Stine Goya also emphasises the importance of renewable energy by powering the company’s HQ with sun and wind. 
The label’s aesthetic is largely inspired by international ballroom culture, as seen through the vibrant colors and structured silhouettes of its garments. Our favourite, by far, is this organic silk pantsuit that will bring a bit of bling to your next cocktail event.

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New York brand, Amur, led by Sofia Shannon, walks the balance between elegance and sustainaiblity. The label’s commitment to sustainability begins at the fibre itself, which is woven from organically-grown cotton and silk and reclaimed cotton linter. Some garments are also made from regenerated fibres. Apart from choosing the materials consciously, Amur prides itself on its closed-loop system, which allows customers to donate their unwanted polyester to be recycled into new products.

Our top pick from the brand’s latest offerings are this skirt and top duo with a linear floral print that is as versatile as it is chic.

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Mother Of Pearl

Creativity, ethics and efficient designs come together in Mother of Pearl’s fully sustainable No Frills line that was created to counteract fast-fashion culture. While opting for organically-grown natural materials, the brand impresses with its transparent supply chain and high regard for corporate responsibility that can be seen through fair wages and numerous partnerships with small artisanal manufacturers.
Mother of Pearl is a brand that practices what it preaches—this double-breasted tailored jacket, for example, took a year to develop, because the wool and cotton used were sourced carefully and responsibly, ensuring none of the animals were hurt in the process.
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Maggie Marilyn

Piece by piece, Maggie Marilyn is weaving a future in fashion that is transparent, sustainable and, in many ways, simply different. As a part of the brand’s ambitious sustainability strategy, the New Zealand label aims to eliminate the use of virgin-sourced synthetic fibres from its supply chain and to use at least 20% of repurposed materials in each of its collections by 2020.
Our top picks from the brand is this delicate back-baring silk blouse with a knot detail, which is perfect for summer evenings—especially when paired with a pair of flowy trousers. An honourable mention is this gold petal brooch that can be worn with a blazer or a simple dress.
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When lanching Dôen back in 2016, sisters Margaret and Kathrine Kleveland wanted to create elegant and accessible garments that are eco-conscious. Apart from opting for natural fibres in their production, the label gives back to the community by working hard to close the gender pay gap, and by funding the education of daughters of their factory workers in New Delhi, India.

The brand’s other commitments towards social responsibility include connecting Peruvian knitters with export markets, allowing them to make a living from the comfort of their homes. We are especially drawn to this gorgeous '70s-inspired silk midi dress that is guaranteed to become your go-to attire for picnics and other summer outings.
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Loup Charmant

Loup Charmant is a brand that creates airy lightweight essentials exclusively from organic materials, showing that sustainable style can also be desirable and elegant. Any summer wardrobe would benefit from their breezy, off-body frocks. In our eyes, the label’s best pieces for the summer are this Ottoman empire-inspired jacquard kaftan that would become a suitable companion for a day spent on a beach.
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