Cover Snapchat Spectacles by Gucci (photo courtesy Snap)

Gucci and Snapchat join forces to create a hyper-stylish kaleidoscope Spectacle

While Snapcat’s first spectacle release wasn’t as well-received as anticipated, the California-based company is hoping a collaboration with Gucci will drum up more interest in the smart glasses while promoting a short film by Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine, who used Snapchat’s augmented reality effects to create “wearable cinema”.

Created exclusively for Art Basel Miami, the limited-edition Spectacles x Gucci glasses sport highly saturated tones that have been hand-painted to evoke Korine’s signature color palette. The frames have Korine’s name on one side and Gucci on the other, while the lenses tout the classic house monogram.

As part of the collaboration, Korine’s new short film was shot exclusively on Spectacles 3—the glasses boast twin HD cameras that can capture photos and videos up to 60 seconds, while the four built-in microphones record audio.

“Spectacles 3 is a completely unique format that shifted my perspective on film, narrative, what’s animated and what’s real,” Korine said about creating the film.

The short film, titled Duck Duck, follows a man in a hot-dog suit as he surfs, skates, and dances his way across Miami. Snapchat has described it as “unbridled dreamscape of sound and color,” which is a pretty accurate depiction of Miami Beach as well.

Unfortunately, the new Gucci Spectacles are a one-time promotion for Art Basel, limited to just 50 pairs. A Snapchat spokesperson said the company is “exploring ways in which these can be made available in the future,” but didn’t give concrete dates for its release.

If you’re still curious to test out a pair for yourself, Snapchat is offering users the chance to try them on using a brand new custom Snapchat filter.

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