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Matching outfits can be cute—here are some ways to style it so you and your partner don't end up looking dated

We believe it: matching outfits can be cute! The problem is that so many people do it wrong. Throw away the matching statement t-shirts and those identical Hawaiian tees! If you're looking for a way to make a matching statement with your SO this Valentine's Day season, these are some ways to do it right. 

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Matching suits

Nothing and no one is as powerful as someone in a suit. If you're looking to match with your partner, consider trying this outfit on together. The best part is that it can work for any kind of couple, no matter the gender! 

Similar outerwear

Outerwear can so easily be unisex that plenty of celebrity couples have used it to match with their significant other. You guys have a wide array of options to choose from too: from hoodies to trench coats to blazers and more! 

Accessorise with denim

No need to go all out and dress like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001. But because denim is such a versatile fabric, it's incredibly easy to use as a subtle matching element in a couple's outfit. While he wears it as a jacket or as pants, she can use it as a skirt, bucket hat or denim bag. Play around with whatever denim accessories or clothes you have in your closet and we're sure you'll find something to work with. Plus points for the couple who have denim in the same fade or wash! 

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Wear his clothes

Who doesn't love wearing their partner's clothes? Not only does it remind you of them, but more often than not, their loose shirts or polos are incredibly comfortable too. Step out into town in something from his closet for an adorable fit that you can style with tight-fitting pants or a short skirt. 


Perhaps the easiest way to coordinate outfits with a partner is through a monochromatic fit. For those who prefer a more subtle match, consider wearing all-black, all-white, or all-skin tone shades (beiges, nudes, or browns). However, those who feel comfortable in louder colours can also opt for an outfit in brighter hues of red, blue, or purple. You don't have to match exact shades either, consider donning clothes in the same colour family but in lighter or darker hues from your partner—that will give a comprehensive yet contrasting look that will complement both of you. 


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