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Hogan's brand of casual luxury translates quite well into any love story.

Need outfit ideas for your date night? We've got you covered — or at least Hogan does. The luxury footwear provider has levelled up for their Fall/Winter 2020 collection by releasing new his and her sneakers. Women can expect the iconic Interaction Daddy sneakers, alongside a new release of the Hyperactive sneakers. Meanwhile, men can look forward to the debonair takes of the classic H365 model alongside matching Interaction sneakers they can wear with their woman. Each pair from Hogan's latest collection are a great date night choice, wherever you may be. 

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For A Walk Around The City

The urban appeal of these Hogan sneakers make it a great choice for walks around the city. Its thick soles provide comfort even while walking on rocky pavements while its stylish yet minimalist design make it easy for both partners to pair with their respective outfits. Stay stylish, even for the most casual of daytime strolls, with these pairs both of you can rock. 

For A Romantic Night In

A romantic night in is one of the nicest little pleasures you can share with someone. Make it all the more worthwhile with these matching Hogan sneakers. Both come in a similar colour palette of darker shades, a complement to the intimate atmosphere of a night spent at home. 

For Help With Running Errands

Amid a black body, the colourful contrast of these sneakers become subtle yet vibrant. A great choice for any couple looking to match footwear, this pair from Hogan is similar without being identical, making it a sophisticated alternative to gaudy ensemble ideas. 

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For The Brunch Date

How lovely does a private brunch sound like now? We're sure everyone's been itching for a date like this and if you have plans, we suggest impressing your partner with a new pair of sneakers. The women's shoe is a vivid contrast of white when compared to its male counterpart. Yet, these differences are exactly what make both pairs such a great match. After all, opposites do attract. 

For Walking To Work

A fast-paced lifestyle isn't complete without comfortable footwear. Take on your busy schedule with these super comfortable Hogan sneakers. There's one for him and one for her, both of which contrast each other without being too different. Wear it with monochrome black outfits to make things pop even further. 

For Simply Hanging Out

If you're looking for an all-around shoe to take with you, then look no further. These Hogan sneakers are perfect for you and your SO, whether you're both out to get a coffee or simply sitting at home. While colourful, they're also extremely versatile and pair well with basic colours such as khaki or olive green. 

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