The Nike x G-Dragon Air Force 1 'Para-noise' will launch globally on November 25

A year after the release of his first collaborative Nike Air Force 1 'Para-noise', G-Dragon switched the colour scheme from black to white while retaining the self-expressive nature and quality of the first pair of sneakers.

Built around the talented artiste's favourite silhouette, the shoes serve as a metaphor for G-Dragon's belief in the freedom of self-expression and exchange of creative ideas.

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The Peaceminusone logo peeking through
Above Pristine white with a black daisy on the tongue
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The white upper wears off, giving way to the artist's painting
Above The white upper wears off, giving way to the artist's painting

The design is intelligently fabricated to evolve with the wearer, providing it with an aesthetic of individuality as they take off on their own journey. What this simply means is that the white of upper of the sneakers will wear off gradually over time to reveal a painting by G-Dragon beneath. Think of it as a "patina" unique to the owner.

Black daisies on the tongues match the shoelaces as well as the paint marks against the white soles for a dynamic look. 

Even though everything is uncertain these days, we shouldn’t stop expressing ourselves as the way we are, and creating our own world

- G-Dragon -

G-Dragon has a mindset he calls 'Youtopia', a view of self-actualisation as a way through challenging times.

“With these footsteps being connected, we will find our utopia spreading in front of our eyes," he says. "I dream of every one of you expressing yourselves freely in the Youtopia that you create for yourselves."

The Nike x G-Dragon Air Force 1 'Para-noise' in white, priced at RM829, will launch on November 25.

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