Collections for men this year brought in a surprise wave of chic accessories and apparels going beyond the standard uniform of masculinity. There’s an abundance of bling, sporty lux and leather all over that should be the zenith of the modern man’s wardrobe.

1. Louis Vuitton: Taïgama Collection

Made for the roving traveller, the House’s signature Taïga leather is paired with the monogram canvas in variety of creations like the iPhone bumper, pocket organizer and compact wallet. Unleash the fearless nomadic side with these accessories from shades like Antartica White and Monogram Eclipse.  

2. Versace Men: Fall Winter 2019 Collection

“If I had to find a word that defines today’s men, it would be daring,” stated Donatella Versace referencing the evolving men’s fashion since the 90’s. Sharp tailored suits, long leather coat and see-through plastic jacket from the fall/winter collection feature the eclecticism and audacious progress for the usual fashion.

3. Dior: Summer 2019 Collection

It’s all about the razzle dazzle for the men’s jewellery collection with diamond-studded broches and keychains. Life’s a party but work is essential and with Dior’s cultish saddle bag collection, the day-to-day grind would be more effortless with a sophisticated aptitude.  

4. Jimmy Choo: Men's Pre-Fall Collection 2019

There’s somewhat an element of ‘spaghetti western’ also known as the influence of merging Japanese crafts like embroidered detailing with that of an all-American style. The mix and match of cultures enthuses Jimmy Choo’s signature rock-roll aesthetic that’s further employed through the bold patterns and colours.

5. Paul Smith: Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection

Revisit the 1930’s British fashion scene with the revamped and ruthless designs of Paul Smith by recutting and refabricating conversant styles. Exaggerating on proportions and disordering construction, there is edginess to the norm dandy English garments.    

6. Hackett London: 'HKT' Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

With these vibrantly hued polo shirts, there’s no need to make a choice between business and pleasure. ‘HKT’ is a new diffusion label under the parent brand that takes inspiration from the iconic concept of “Jeremy’s Rules To Being A Gentleman” first launched in the autumn/winter 2014 collection.

7. Geox: Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

In revolutinising the aspect of aeration in footwear, the Italian brand’s latest line amplifies on lightness and flexibility. Incoporating technological marvels like the Inner Breathing System for the soles and the Side Transpiration System made it possible to allow breathability through holes in the sides of the shoe.

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