Luxury leather maison Hermès will be producing their Victoria travel bag with a lab-grown alternative material made from mushrooms

As classic as the Hermès may have represented itself over the years, the French leather house is breaking traditions with their release of a mushroom-based alternative leather, and entering the field of vegan materials. 

They will be testing the mushroom-based leather on their Victoria travel bag, whilst still offering their regular products, creating a variety of products that cater to a larger audience. 

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Hermès has recently announced their new partnership with MycoWorks, a California-based start-up that has been funded by various investment companies and celebrities such as John Legend. MycoWorks has patented their technology involving mycelium: an arrangement of strands taken from the roots of mushrooms, which are then reproduced the components of leather.

By introducing this partnership, the French luxury brand is highlighting its awareness of how today’s audience is more conscious about what brands represent.

Vegetable or plastic leather has been an option for generations now, but innovation remains as research into finding new ways to bring in high-quality non-animal materials continues, alongside a need to discover more environmentally-friendly processes in the fashion industry. 

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Brands like Stella McCartney, Burberry and Gucci have been testing alternative materials on their products for years, and interest continues to grow. Eco-conscious shoppers understand that it's no longer necessary that leather or other materials need to come from animals, as long as the quality and detailing of the brand’s products maintain consistent.

The Hermès and MycoWorks partnership will continue to expand as both partners have promised to focus on excellence and longevity in their products.

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Having said that, the Victoria travel bag will be available in stores end of 2021, as an add-on to the collections, not a replacement. But it’s a large step towards change and embracing innovation in the fashion industry.

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