Yen Kuok, Robert Kuok's youngest daughter who founded Hong Kong luxury reseller, Guiltless, has announced that she is joining forces with The Luxury Closet—the largest online marketplace for luxury goods in the Middle East. The collaboration will result in a monolith provider of pre-owned designer items within Asia

The idea of sustainable fashion is evolving. We currently see more start-ups leveraging the power of e-commerce to resell luxury goods. Unlike a decade ago, buying pre-loved designer items is now celebrated as a commitment to sustainability.

Such mindset, along with the desire to make a difference, was what pushed Yen Kuok, the youngest daughter of Asian billionaire Robert Kuok, to launch Guiltless in 2016, and the timing couldn’t have been better. At that point, Asia was already crowned the world’s largest market for luxury goods. This created a scarce space for high-end pieces, especially in light of an increased commerical access to fast fashion items. 

Three years later, and Guiltless has become a leader in Hong Kong's luxury consignment market, and it prides itself on its precise sui generis product curation that ensures a high-quality customer service. The core to Guiltless’ success lies in its combination of pop-up events, private sales along with its online space.

Now, Guiltess is building on its winng formula by going regional. The company recently announced its merger with Middle East's luxury e-commerce giant, The Luxury Closet (TLC).

The new partnership will give customers access to over 30,000 items, and shoppers will have even more perks like free unlimited shipping and a return policy without hidden costs or additional fees. 

Guiltless is thrilled to merge with such a reputable global player in the pre-loved luxury space.
Yen Kuok

“Guiltless is thrilled to merge with such a reputable global player in the pre-loved luxury space," Kuok told Tatler Asia. "Not only does The Luxury Closet share our vision of a greener and more sustainable fashion industry, but we both also operate on the same principle that values quality over quantity. It’s time that Guiltless expanded beyond Hong Kong, and we’re excited to see how synergies with The Luxury Closet invigorate the pre-owned landscape in the region.”

Yen also explained why she chose the Middle Eastern company: “What I wanted from the beginning was for it to be very professional. I didn’t want anyone to feel that buying second-hand was a cheap, garage sale sort of endeavour. I wanted it to be a super luxurious experience, on par with buying things first-hand in a luxury store. Instead of choosing a casual 'WhatsApp' route, they chose a very professional, almost Net-a-Porter route, which was the same vision that I had for Guiltless. That’s why it was a match made in heaven."

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