Cover Gucci Spring/Summer 2019 explores the radical theme of complexities

Inspired by bohemians of Italian theatre, Gucci translates the radical art of complexities in a spring/summer 2019 collection teeming with a riot of statement styles.

The old theatre setting of Le Palace, Paris, was transformed into a dramatic stage for Gucci’s spring/summer 2019. The collection paid tribute to Italy’s theatrical visionaries, Leo de Berardinis and Perla Peragallo, whose radical examinations of the complexities of life – its nostalgia, politics and ethics – were muses of Gucci’s collection of contradictions. A mish-mash of fabrics, cuttings, patterns and colours made for a collection brimming with imagination.

1. Brilliance Is The Theme

Before diving in, let’s set the scene with the overarching theme of Gucci’s flamboyant ready-to-wear lineup. The runway presence of female and male models suggested a gender-fluid theme, as they flitted from frills with fringe, velvet and silk, and plaid with stripes in a quirky clash, nodding at Gucci’s idiosyncratic style. Brilliant colours took the spotlight: in the red of a printed skirt, in a yellow and blue blend of a patterned blouse, and cheetah socks, worn with sandals. Retro elements of padded shouders, wide-legged trousers added to a menagerie of juxtapositions, like a white sailor-collared dress and leather jacket emblazoned with a French statement, ‘Tailleur pour l’été à la neige’, or in English, 'a women’s suit for summer in the snow'. 

2. The Zumi Tribute

If there was a debate for the star of the show, bags were a star of the show. Christened the Gucci Zumi, the elegant new handbag creation by Gucci is named after the experimental musician and actress Zumi Rosow. The structured Gucci Zumi collection, a practical but classical shape, is a marriage of the 2 historical motifs of the House, namely the interlocking G and Horsebit hardware, a contemporary inspiration plucked from the archives.  

3. Zumi Of Reinvention

The Gucci Zumi comes in larger, top-handle sizes of smooth and grainy leather, made from exotic leathers like python, ostrich, and crocodile.

To match its astute design, an understated colour scheme of classic, essential tones give it an enigmatic persona, like black, red, ivory and dark green.

Finally, versions of the medium top-handle and the mini shoulder bag also come in a fun, pop Gucci Strawberry print.

4. The Zumi Of Desires

At a more compact size is the Gucci Zumi shoulder bag, a new shape that comes in small and mini. Sporting the distinguishing union of hardwares, both sizes come in smooth leather and adorned with a detachable shoulder chan with Marina chain details, and an adjustable leather top handle. In a couple of snaps, the fun-sized bag transforms into a clutch by night.

5. The Prince, A.K.A. Gucci Rajah

The name says it all – The Gucci Rajah handbag, derived from the Sanskrit word for king, is christened with a tiger head hardware, a symbol of grace and power synonymous with Gucci’s creative vision. The Gucci Rajah hardware is made of metal and coloured enamel with sparkling crystals, and can be found embellishing various bag styles. Inspired by the brooch worn by designer Hattie Carnegie in the 40s, this hardware is a memento of her flamboyant star. A neat but roomy variation is the Gucci Rajah shoulder flap bag, that comes in a stark white leather fabric, marked with the blue-red-blue web details, and red green torchon.

6. Objects Of Desires: The Rajah Totes

The Gucci Rajah comes in a distinctive designs, across plush materials like these 3 leather ones. Tipped to be an upcoming key tote bag for Gucci, its maxi size is multi-functional for any occasion from travel to work, and comes in your choice of sturdy white leather, brown velvet GG motif pattern, or smooth brown leather, each finished the iconic strip of blue-red-blue web detail.

7. Screener Sneakers

A key player on Gucci’s new spring/summer stage are the shoes, dedicated to a playing term in team sports. This footwear reflects the vintage sports style of the 70s, merging old and new design elements for a shiny-meets-fuzzy charm. These Unisex low top sneakers featuring the house's web stripes come into two designs; one embracing a distressed effect and contrasted with crystal chains, and another of a dirty-white variety with jewellery cherries detail.

8. Sole Sandals, Soul Mates

Sandals – yes, Velcro straps make a comeback – come in a design with rubber sole and grey leather, decorated with black mesh and neon Gucci detail, with striking colours. The new sandals come in men and woman’s designs – the feminine one adorned with crystal chain.

9. It's A Shoe-In

Give a man or woman the right pair of shoes and they can conquer the world. Gucci proposes comfort and class in a range of moccasins with horsebit detail. Androgynous in design, these low heeled essentials come in black, white or monogrammed, as well as in a high-heeled black pair for a daily boost of confidence.

10. Womenswear: An Expressive Movement

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has a knack for restoring former icons to modern glory and revive them he did in this season’s ready-to-wear. Women’s pieces were cast from the 70s and 80s, with padded shoulder suits, saturated colours and flamboyant details. Geeky cardigans, monotone suits and extravagant dresses were matched with eclectic accessories, to a theatrical line-up.

11. Not Your Average Menswear

Men’s apparel evoked themes of geometric creativity too, exploring the balancing act between motifs and lines. Neutrals were injected with brilliant colour, and collar designs of turtle necks and button-ups were tucked into tailored trousers, worn loose and flowing in an 80s flare. Completing the looks were GG motif top handle trunks and leather tote bags.

Beneath the extravagance of Gucci’s spring summer 2019 collection, is an alternative expression of life’s underlying issues. Emotional, turbulent, and full of contrasts and unexpected unions, the collection is more relatable than it seems to the naked eye. Gucci invites you to be bold and experimental with a cast of statement, ready-to-wear pieces.


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