Cover Sunnies Studios' co-founder, Georgina Wilson (Photo: Sunnies Studios)

Sunnies Studios co-founder, Georgina Wilson chats with Tatler about how the brand has evolved and why we should invest in anti-radiation eyewear

Model, host and Gen T 2016 honouree, Georgina Wilson has been the face of numerous publications and fashion campaigns in the Philippines. But behind the glitz and glamour, Wilson is also working behind the scenes as one of Sunnies Studios' co-founders.

The eyewear brand has garnered a cult following since it was founded in 2013. Serving as a stop-shop for sunglasses and now, as a full-service optical brand, Sunnies Studios is redefining eyewear as an everyday comfort and pleasure.

As the brand launches a new anti-radiation collection, Tatler caught up with Wilson to talk about how Sunnies Studios has evolved over the years and why we should invest in anti-radiation eyewear.

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What’s the story behind Sunnies Studios?

Sunnies Studios was founded through our love for design. Through the years we’ve been perfecting products for everyday use for both comfort and pleasure, whether that meant staying in, or something you’d be wearing outside. We made sure they were accessible, and that prices were inclusive.

We continue to ship internationally, and run the business in the most responsible way we can. This means also looking into every step of our production process and supply chain. Our styles are a mix of contemporary, most are vintage-inspired, and classic silhouettes—you’ll easily have them as your eyewear staples.

How has the brand evolved since you started?

When we started in 2013, our assortment was focused on sunglasses, being founded in the Philippines where the weather was and is, tropical and mostly sunny. We then expanded to optical, and will still be expanding in the next year with an exciting new product category.

We launched Specs on Wheels locally for the convenience of eyewear checkups in the comforts of your home. We’ve produced special merch for our fans, the recent one was a Nalgene water bottle produced together with One Tree Planted.

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Tell us more about the new collection. What’s exciting about it?

The Anti-Radiation Nudes is our second drop of eyewear frames with lenses that protect your eyes from long periods of screen time. They now come in nude colourways which make them very flattering for almost anyone to wear.

What should we know about anti-radiation eyewear?

Anti-radiation eyewear protects your eyes from harmful blue light from screens and devices, without having a prescription.

Why should people invest in anti-radiation eyewear?

Anti-radiation eyewear lessens our eye strain and can also enhance our focus, especially now that we’re spending much of our time at home and staying connected using our screen devices.

At Sunnies Studios, our Anti-Radiation Nudes collection has a multi-lens coating for maximum blue light protection, as well as an anti-reflective coating for reduced screen glare—so you can use gadgets comfortably.

They’re perfect for people involved in daily activities like online work, mobile phone browsing, watching television, and gaming.

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How do you balance making the eyewear look cool yet also functional?

We made them in neutral colours to maximise wearability and style range. It took us months to perfect the lenses because typical anti-radiation eyewear would have a blue tint, which can be uncomfortable to wear. Our lenses are also certified by Intertek, the leading quality assurance provider.

Can you tell us more about the designs of this collection?

What’s nice about this collection is also that they are repurposed frames. They were originally sun styles. People who love Sunnies Studios might easily recognize them, as some were our most popular sunglasses styles.

They are now for grab and go and are for daily use. These styles have a medium to wide fit and come in nude colours, which can elevate your usual eyewear look. They are stylish, sophisticated, yet still very wearable.

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How are your glasses different from other brands?

We tested a variety of lenses to arrive at this quality. Anti-radiation lenses are made of resin, which makes them extra durable. They also have a slight green tint (instead of blue) which protects your eyes, but also lessens the glare so you can wear them for a long time.

Which of your designs is your personal favourite?

I do love Theo and Yoji. They come in a medium-wider fit. All five styles are great, there’s at least one or two styles that can easily complement any face shape.

The Anti-Radiation Nudes is available in the Philippines on Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, and They are currently working on launching them in Southeast Asia online within the year.