The high-tech eyewear, in collaboration with Huawei is anything but tacky

Google and Snapchat may have tried and failed with their smart glasses, but a new company is rising to the challenge. At the launch event for Huawei’s latest flagship phones, the Chinese tech giant made a surprise announcement—a collaboration with popular Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster, to develop a set of smart glasses that are sleek and functional, and we can’t help but feel optimistic about this new venture.

The Google Glass, which pioneered the sector, was deemed by some to be too futuristic for its time, while the Snapchat Spectacles, despite the hype, wasn't as wearable thanks to its giant camera lenses.

Gentle Monster’s smart glasses, on the other hand, will look the part—like actual glasses. In fact, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei said at the announcement that they look even better than regular sunglasses. After all, Gentle Monster has a cult following amongst Korean celebrities and counts even Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and the Kardashians amongst its fans.

Unlike its predecessors from Google and Snapchat, the smart glasses, which have not yet been named, will not boast camera lenses, a head-up display, or even buttons, for that matter.

Designed to be a seamless and convenient smart accessory, the glasses are equipped with dual microphones and a pair of speakers—positioned directly above your ears—with AI noise reduction for audio clarity, so you can interact with your smart assistant, speak on the phone, or listen to music on the go. You could call it a Bluetooth headset in the form of stylish designer eyewear.

The glasses, which are IP67 dust and water resistant, are available in both tinted and clear lenses, and can be charged wirelessly in a dedicated eyewear case, which holds a 2,200mAh battery.

No price has been announced, but it will be available come July 2019.