Cover Bellerín behind-the-scenes: He was involved in every stage of the collection's design process

Edition by Héctor Bellerín is the clothing company's first sustainable collection for men

Known for his passionate advocacy for veganism, sustainability and social responsibility, the 25-year-old Spanish footballer and vice-captain of Arsenal FC is the perfect candidate to spearhead H&M's first sustainable collection for men. As described by Ross Lydon, head of menswear design at H&M: 

Héctor Bellerín is a leader of the generation that’s redefining men’s style and advocating for positive change.

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Edition by Héctor Bellerín is created entirely with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled nylons and polyesters and sustainably-sourced viscose fibres. Where possible, Bellerín was keen for pieces to be made from single materials, to make them easier to recycle. On this collaboration, Héctor Bellerín shares his views:

Fashion is like activism, and our clothes can spread a positive message to others. I am happy to collaborate with H&M on this collection entirely made from sustainably sourced materials, and to push for a better future for fashion and the planet.

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Bellerín's effortless personal style is infused in every piece as he was involved at every stage of the design process, from the choice of sustainable fabrics to the directional take on how to capture the style of each season. With oversized streetwear, utilitarian pieces and playful accessories in muted earth tones, the collection updates timeless staples for modern functionality and multi-purpose use. For example, there are zip-off cargo pants can be quickly transformed to shorts, boxy-cut beige blazers and oversized but lightweight grey field parkas with a concealed hood. 

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In line with his mission to raise awareness for environmental protection, the collection also features affordable hoodies, sweatshirts and tees printed with graphics of planet Earth and positive slogans such as “Live With Purpose” and “To Protect Our Future Together” — making for a very meaningful first foray into fashion by the famous footballer

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Above Positive slogans are printed on the hoodies, sweatshirts ant tees in this collection

Edition by Héctor Bellerín will be available online from February 18, 2021.

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