Cover Photo: Fiziwoo

The acclaimed design house partners up to reach out to a more diverse fashionable crowd

Featuring delicate textiles, romantic patterns and eclectic designs, Lilit x Woo/Fiziwoo collection is fast becoming a favourite among both sets of stylish fans of the modest wear brand, Lilit and the bespoke label, Fiziwoo.

At the launch, pleated skirts and floral blouses were among the highlights from the collaboration showcased at the Fashion Valet boutique in Publika mall.  Izree Kai Haffiz, the managing director and one half of the duo behind Fiziwoo said: "The designs and pieces can be mixed and matched so that many looks can be created from this single collection."

He added: "Of course, we incorporated elements and signatures of Fiziwoo into the designs, but we ensure that they are available at an affordable price that would cater to the ardent followers of Lilit."

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Fiziwoo's previous collaboration with the globally renowened Disney Studios saw a quixotic and avant-garde collection inspired by the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Following the success of these collaborations, the duo become more open to partner with other brands and learning to adapt their designs to complement these recognised names.

Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo, the creative director of Fiziwoo, said: "Whenever we start a new collaboration, we are given some guidelines to follow, so the creations would appeal to the fans of our partner and ours. However, it's not creatively restrictive as many would perceive. The process is more of adding that Fiziwoo twist that amplifies the ideas of the other brand."


The Fiziwoo duo expressed some challenges to creating a collaborative collection such as adapting to a new team and meeting the required price point for brands that promote quality, affordable pieces. However, this will not curb their intentions to embark upon future fashion collaborations; in fact, they welcome the experience. 

Izree Kai said: "Opening 2020 with the collection with Lilit is a great start for Fiziwoo since there's a lot in store to work with other brands and individuals especially for our Raya collection this year. Let's just say, we will be very busy." 

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