We want one for ourselves, right now.

We've always known that Rimowa could do bags well—their tried and tested design hasn't really changed since it was launched in 1937, and fans of the brand include Cara Delevigne, Kanye West and Cameron Diaz. Famously hard-wearing (often described as indestructible), Rimowa's distinctive grooved design is one toted by those in the know. No stranger to the fashion world, therefore, this year they've decided to amp up the style by collaborating with iconic label Fendi to create a chic carry-on that we can't help lusting over.

Alexandre Arnault, Rimowa's CEO, highlighted Fendi's sense of fun and playfulness in the decision to team up for this bag. Indeed, playfulness shines through in all the luxe little details characteristic of Fendi, such as the embossed black-on-black Fendi lining inside the case, Cuoi Romano leather handles and nametag for all your personal details, and even fun stickers to decorate it in your own style.

The bag also flaunts Rimowa's iconic characteristics such as two TSA locks, a dedicated cover-up, and a multiwheel system to make your journey as smooth and easy as possible. Rimowa epitomises German functionality, one of the reasons it's beloved by the jetset crowd, the globetrotting glitterati and those who prefer to know their luggage will stay firmly intact from A to B. Even rapper Macklemore's been spotted with one in tow, proving that sometimes you need a bit more than the thrift shop.

The sharp-eyed may have noted that Rimowa's first case was launched exactly 80 years ago, and this collaboration marks the grand finale of their anniversary celebrations. With 80 years of leading in the field of luxury luggage, you can be certain they know what they're doing – so there's no excuse not to treat yourself. Just in time for the upcoming holidays, make all your festive travel this year smooth and super stylish. 

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