Every creation has its own theory of existence and Fendi shows us how the micro versions of its iconic bags came to be.

Italian fashion brand Fendi launches a new film titled 'Fendi Micro Bags: 7 Theories'  to tell us the possible ways of how their new collection of micro bags came into existence.

Packed with plenty of sarcasm and humour, the film provides seven funny and completely absurd theory of creation for micro bags.

From romantic to scientific theories, the iconic bags of Fendi including Peekaboo and Baguette are placed in the leading stars to explain its existence.

Of all seven theories, a few stood out from the rest. The first is the Big Bang theory which showcases the universal collision of Peekaboo and Baguette. Like planets and stars, when two big bags collide, it will create a chain reaction of a legion of micro bags to emerge.


Another favourite of ours is the Matryoshka theory which is inspired from the iconic Russian doll culture, where it started for the large Peekaboo and within each bag you will find a smaller edition until it reaches the new micro edition.

Other theories include the Magic theory, Popcorn theory, Scary theory, Evolution theory and Racket theory.

So which one do you believe? We find that the best bet is probably the Scary theory for the Peekaboo and Bag Bugs – for obvious reasons.


(Photo and video: Fendi)

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