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As Asian stars continue to rise into global prominence, we stop to look at some of the most fashionable—and then take inspiration from them.

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan, perhaps best known for her role as the strong-willed Astrid in 2018's Crazy Rich Asians, embodies a wide spectrum of bold style choices. She's not one to veer away from vivid colours or distinct silhouettes (as seen in her latest January 2021 Elle UK cover shot). A humanitarian at heart, Chan is also known for her work as an ambassador to Unicef and previously, Save The Children foundation. 

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Liu Wen

Dubbed by The New York Times as "China's first bona fide supermodel", Liu Wen has graced the runways of commercial brands (i.e. Victoria's Secret) and high-fashion ateliers (i.e. Prada) alike. A veritable style chameleon, Lui's off-duty fashion choices seem surprisingly relaxed. She's often photographed in denim and in sneakers and shows an obvious penchant for laidback layering—be it with sweaters, puffer jackets, or blazers. 


Indonesian crooner, NIKI, embodies an edgy yet feminine take on clothing. She isn't one to shy away from lace or intricate beadwork, proving that perhaps in fashion, texture is just as important as the cut of the dress. While her big 2020 moment, which was to be the first Indonesian musician to perform in Coachella, has sadly been cancelled, the young songbird remains to be hard at work in both her music and commercial gigs. 

Michelle Yeoh

If there's one thing that Malaysian actress, Michelle Yeoh, has proven, it's that it is possible to age both gracefully and fashionably. At 58, Yeoh continues to build an acting legacy that first took root in the late '90s and early 2000s. While her appearances in a James Bond flick and other classic action movies propelled her to fame, her current filmography continues to prove why she deserves to remain under the limelight. 

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Akwafina is unapologetic about showing her true self: she's funny, she's young, she's fresh, and in many ways, she's an underrated Asian fashion icon. Easily able to carry everything from avant-garde styles to form-fitting dresses, Akwafina's delicious take on modern style is like an open window and a breath of fresh air—especially for an industry that adheres to a myriad of unwritten fashion laws. 

Naomi Scott

Twenty-nineteen (2019) was a big year for half-Indian actress and singer, Naomi Scott. Both Charlie's Angels and Aladdin, two of the more defining movies in her career, were released in theatres. Since then, Scott has been keeping busy with endorsements from Bvlgari and a new show on Netflix

Sandra Oh

In terms of longevity, not many can hold a candle to Sandra Oh's Hollywood career. She's been around Tinseltown for a while now, but her versatility and talent continue to keep her fresh and interesting. She's not afraid to play around her very distinct look as a Korean actress, and can often be seen on magazine covers such as Time, Marie Claire, and Elle Canada. She is also currently working on a new Netflix show

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