Keeping up with the hustle and bustle of today's world, Hogan takes modern streetwear to a new journey — set on its wearer's rhythm

It's no wonder that we sometimes get lost in our fast-paced lifestyles. Multitasking and being out and about have been significant markers of our daily lives in the metro. But despite these nuances in today's modern world, there are those who strive to keep pace with it and those who prefer their own. Hogan, on the other hand, sets its own speed, accompanying people in every journey whichever rhythm they choose.

Embodying the brand's mission to be timeless and relevant for the people, Hogan's Spring/Summer 2021 collection has been specially designed and crafted for the purpose of enabling its wearers' self-expression. Its innovative design process, neat modernity, and fine quality of materials set the bar for sneakers on a different level.


Sleek and essential sneakers should be worn with ease and Hogan's latest shoes do exactly that. Not to mention its ability to be paired with the collection's other items like daytime suits, unisex knitwear and leather jackets, and bags that are either small or maxi.

The new Hogan Hyperactive sneakers for women represent a dynamic and modern combination, with heritage detailing. It has an extra light, chunky outsole featuring a sleek trim, perfectly finishing the thermo-formed upper. Meanwhile, the iconic Olympia low-top leather sneakers for women gets a modern suit with the all-new Olympia-Z. But the crown jewel of the womenswear items of the latest collection are the Rebel sneakers. Effortless aesthetics and contemporaneity meet innovation in this new design that reinterprets the iconic spirit of the brand.

The new interpretation of Rebel is also available in the menswear shoes from the latest collection. Moreover, there are new designs for the sporty-looking Interaction sneakers by Hogan, which are known for having ultralight outsole and are very versatile - able to match many outfits. But the spotlight for the Spring 2021 collection in the menswear shoes is on the latest iteration of Hyperlight sneakers. The recently-released line's newest design continues the brand's pursuit of modern blends for classic shoes, matching the ever-evolving fashion trends.

Belonging to Tod's group, this famous Italian brand founded in 1986 is synonymous with quality, excellence of materials and design. Hogan footwear is famous for being chic, dynamic, and comfortable.

In the Philippines, Hogan is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Shangri-La Plaza. Visit, follow @ssilifeph on Instagram or download the My SSI Life App in Google Play or the Apple Store for more information.