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Worried about your post-lockdown fashion game? Here is a round-up of our favourite YouTube channels for the best fashion advice and style inspiration.

We've curated content from Hollywood stars, top celebrity stylists and fashion influencers to help you rediscover your love for dressing up. From sophisticated London chic to trendy Y2K aesthetics, there's no time like the present to refine your signature style or experiment with new ideas. 

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1. Aimee Song

Aimee Song—one of the OG fashion influencers—is famous for being a style chameleon. Whether she is posing for the cameras at Paris fashion week, exploring the Tuscan countryside with her Italian partner or living her best life in California, she always channels the perfect vibe through her outfits, which makes her the ideal style inspiration to turn to for any occasion. 

And as a bonus, you can also look to this fashion trailblazer for some home decor inspiration as Song has recently completed her 3-year house transformation journey. Naturally, the closet in her LA home is the stuff of dreams!

Great for: Fashion enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds, from high fashion to high street fashion.

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2. Tan France

It would be a shame if this member of Queer Eye's makeover dream team only contained all his charm and style knowledge to the hit Netflix show. Luckily, he doesn't!

In 2018, the British-born stylist launched his own YouTube channel, delighting fans with two Queer Eye-esque makeover series. In Dressing Funny, he styles the funniest comedians in Hollywood, including Ali Wong, Tina Fey, and Pete Davidson. However, his latest videos for Makeover with Tan are particularly compelling as he surprises essential workers with a well-deserved rest and makeover. 

Great for: Tan France is a godsend for fashion beginners because he doesn't try to convince people to change their entire wardrobe and style persona. Instead, he provides easy style advice on how to elevate their everyday looks, explaining his thought process behind each tip. And if his guest wants to try a more experimental fashion look, he often suggests non-intimidating starter pieces. 

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3. Jessica Jung

When Jessica Jung—who only goes by her first name professionally—debuted as a member of K-pop girl group, Girls' Generation in 2007, she became a global sensation. Fans around the world were enamoured by her exuberant and outspoken personality as well as her impeccable fashion sense. Since leaving the group in 2014 and moving back to the U.S, the Korean-American singer has leaned into her reputation as a style icon, sharing tips on how she builds her favourite looks, a unique blend of Californian chic and South Korean femininity. 

Great for: Those who want to discover the new global definition of luxury and style.

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4. Julia Dang, The Line Up

This Swedish-Vietnamese YouTuber and founder of fashion line, DANG STHLM, has exploded in popularity in the last year for her unique streetwear style and passion for sustainability. Dang's lookbooks can range from incredibly cinematic masterpieces with digital renderings and animations to casual, vlog-style videos. The 24-year-old also takes her followers on shopping trips and picnics with her fashionable friends—who often discuss their lives openly without sugarcoating their struggles, such as acne, self-esteem and mental health

Great for: Those who enjoy personal vlogs with a fashion element. 

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5. Jaime Xie

We can't help but love Jamie Xie, tech heiress and star of Netflix's over-the-top reality TV series, Bling Empire. Remember when one of her struggles on the show was deciding between a nude and mist-coloured Bottega Veneta pouch bag? It turns out that luxury handbags play a bigger part of her life than we thought, as most of her YouTube channel is populated with unboxing videos and tips on how she styles her favourite fashion pieces from Dior, Chanel, Burberry and many more. 

Great for: Collectors of designer handbags and clothes. 

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6. Asia Jackson

Jackson is a half Filipino American and half Black content creator, whose YouTube channel strikes a good balance between fashion advice and honest conversations about fashion-related issues, such as body image, unrealistic beauty standards and colourism

Great for: Those looking to discover smaller fashion brands and to build a capsule collection of minimalist loungewear and casual basics.

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7. Hannah Desai, Cocobeautea

Great for: Those who want to recreate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's neutral-toned, sophisticated London looks.

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8. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber's YouTube channel takes us behind the scenes of her glamorous life. Hosting drunk interviews with her model friend, Kendall Jenner, and showing us how her glam squad—stylist Maeve Rilley, make-up artist Denika Bedrossian and hair stylist Jen Atkins—gets her camera ready for daily life and red carpet events, she finally steps out from behind the shadow of her celebrity friends and husband, Justin Bieber to pursue her interests and showcase her outgoing and bright personality.

Great for: A reality check on why you shouldn't compare your appearance to celebrities because there is a huge amount of work it takes to look a certain way, even if they are as fun and relatable as Hailey Bieber.

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9. Ashley, BestDressed

Ashley—better known as best dressed or best mess—is the Internet's best friend. Her quirky and colourful style matches her personality, which shines through as she shows off her latest thrift finds while recounting entertaining stories about her search for love and affordable rental units in New York. 

Great for: People who want to live vicariously through Ashley's exciting life working with the biggest names in New York City's fashion scene.

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10. Dearly Bethany

Great for: Petite ladies who want to create the illusion of height and length with their clothes.

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11. Chriselle Lim

Thirty-six-year-old fashion and beauty influencer, Chriselle Lim went viral on TikTok at the beginning of last year when she became known to Gen Z as 'rich mom', for her jet-setting lifestyle to the hottest fashion shows around the world, dressed head-to-toe in the latest designer wares. Since then, the mother of two has embraced the moniker in good humour and continues to share how she incorporates her trademark luxury and elegance into all her fashion and beauty looks. Lim also gives insights on how she became an entrepreneur and intimate moments from her family and personal life. 

Great for: Fashion beginners and new mothers who are looking to put together easy breezy outfits, without compromising on style and comfort.

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12. With Love, Leena

Great for: Those who want to beat the heat in style with modest fashion looks that are bright, light and airy.

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13. Stephanie Ahn

This Korean Canadian's fashion content is refreshingly straightforward, devoid of the usual voiceover which provides backstory behind every piece of clothing or filler chatter on how she spends her days.

Great for: Fans of online shopping will love that Ahn has taken the time to include the links to every single piece of clothing she tries on, even going so far as providing descriptions on the cutting and sizing in some videos. 

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14. Tina Young

From TikTok fashion and k-pop aesthetics to cult favourite fashion brands, Tina Young tries them all out so you don't have to! 

Great for: Those who want to keep up with the latest online trends.

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15. Kate Young

Kate Young is the talented celebrity stylist behind Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez's iconic Met Gala looks, as well as many other celebrities' red carpet outfits. 

Great for: Fashion scholars and aspiring stylists who want to understand the process behind creating memorable looks.

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