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An exploration of a decade-old fashion house that champions bespoke and ready-to-wear with a Malaysian flavour.

With textiles ranging from Indian to Indonesian, Mimpikita designs all of its pieces at its boutique in Bangsar. The company makes sophisticated clothing including bespoke items under the name Mimpikita while Mkita features affordable casual pieces. 

“Mimpikita is seasonal and quite sophisticated. Meanwhile, Mkita is more about relaxed, easy-to-wear pieces,” says Nurul Zulkifli, the creative director of Mimpikita.

According to Nurul, the plan when they first started was for Mimpikita to specialise in unique prints, evident from its popular print collections such as Clover and Orissa. “Those prints became a big hit when they were first launched,” notes COO Amirah Zulkifli.

Awakened Ambition

The 3 founders of Mimpikita are also sisters in real life. Nurul, Amirah and Syahira Zulkifli (the CFO) gave us an insight into how Mimpikita has become such a success for 11 years. On working together, Syahira says: “It’s good because we naturally help one another out.”

On where they plan to take Mimpikita next, Nurul remarks that the focus is on maintaining the momentum. “It’s important that our clothes are still loved by our customers, and for our brand to stay vibrant.”

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Beyond Fantasy

"None of us have a fashion background and yet we’re in our 11th year so I think that’s pretty impressive,” laughs Amirah. But they still remember the early years when they struggled to reach their goals.

Steering the conversation to lighter topic, when asked which is their favourite collection to work on, Amirah replies: “We love both collections. They are special in their own way.”

After the recent successful runway presentation at KL Fashion Week 2019, Amirah hints that Mimpikita may expand beyond the sartorial realm. "We're thinking about apparels for kids and men. In fact, we may even venture into F&B,” she teases.

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