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Lockdown life has brought two brands together to redefine interior and fashion styling, at a time when the importance of home has taken on a whole new meaning

Homes have taken on a whole new importance over the past year; lounge and sleepwear became firm fixtures in our wardrobe staples (if they weren’t already), and flatpack furniture traded in for quality, comfortable furnishings that match our personal styles. But dressing for the home doesn’t have to mean dressing down—the pandemic has created a new space for fashion-forward comfortable clothing worn in a home that reflects your personality.

Given the amount of time we have been spending at home, it should come as little surprise to see the fashion and furniture fields join forces to launch two new collections: Emma Silk and Tribe by Indigo. On May 27, for one day only, an exclusive preview of the Tribe by Indigo home furnishings will be displayed alongside the Emma Silk collection at the Emma Wallace flagship store in Sheung Wan.

“We love Tribe's high-energy feel that invites everyone to enjoy the moment and live life your way," says Wallace. "As a brand that is made for adventure and is all about empowering you to follow your own path, there was an instant synergy with Tribe by Indigo. We can’t wait to see our customers lounging in their Emma Silk pyjamas in their apartments filled with chic interior finds from a stunning collection that doesn’t break the bank.”


Above Video: Courtesy of Emma Wallace

Emma Silk is a capsule collection of luxury lounge and sleepwear featuring pyjamas, dressing gowns, slips, kimonos and eye masks. Bridging eastern and western design aesthetics, the collection features three unique prints pulled from the brand’s own archives—the chrysanthemum-inspired kiku, papaver, which features a print of wild poppies, and the cassia, a dusty pink geometric print. Made of pure silk satin, the collection not only makes for the perfect sleepwear, but pieces are also designed to make a statement out of the house, taking the pyjama shirt trend to a new level.

The newly launched Tribe by Indigo is an accessible, design-led line of furniture, textiles and soft furnishings. Designed to make a big impact in small spaces, pieces bridge form and function, with the addition of wireless chargers built into lamps, for example. The varied aesthetics and designs will suit a multitude of preferences, from the minimalist Scandinavia Dreaming collection to the bolder Bellissima Italia, with its pops of colour and use of leather. Everyday accessories and soft furnishings add a playful dimension to the home and can be mixed and matched to reflect your personality.

Both brands reflect a sense of individualism, allowing the person to shine through. These days, style and function go hand in hand, and there's no longer a need to compromise. Staying in doesn't have to be an understated affair; express your personality and character through both the bold, silky prints you lounge in and the statement pieces you've curated for your home, creating a sense of occasion and celebrating the everyday. 

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