High-quality garments able to stand up to her busy schedule are the secret to Emily Lam-Ho’s consistently smart style, none more so than her most coveted staple, the Burberry trench coat

As an environmental activist, Emily Lam-Ho is drawn to things that last, which is why she’s been fond of the Burberry trench coat since she was a teenager in London.

“Back then—and even now—the Burberry trench coat was the must-have item among my friends,” says Emily, whose classic style was inspired by her movie star mother, Lynn Hsieh, during her Tatler photoshoot. “It was the most incredible feeling when I was finally able to put one on.”

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Now the signature coat, which she has purchased in different styles and colours, is a wardrobe staple for her back-to-back schedule as a mum, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

“For me, the most important aspect for clothes is that they have to be comfortable and functional,” Emily says. “I love mixing staples like the trench coat with trendier pieces like a pair of tight faux leather pants for an effortlessly chic look. And living in Hong Kong, where the weather can be unstable, I always have my coat out and ready.”

The trench has accompanied Emily on the go. “The coat is so versatile that I can just layer it on top of everything,” she says. “I wear it with my yoga clothes, casual wear, or my little black dresses.”

As a frequent flyer, Emily always packs the coat, taking it with her to Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and Antibes, to name just a few of her favourite destinations. “It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s handy when it gets a bit rainy or chilly,” she says.

The most enduring styles fit with the times, which is why Emily was drawn to Riccardo Tisci’s fall/winter 2019 collection for Burberry. Inspired by the dualities in British culture, Tisci’s trenches feature eccentric designs incorporating two-toned fabrics and capes, while their linings are emblazoned with the English brand’s signature check.

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“Riccardo has kept the timelessness of Burberry and added his own personal touch at the same time,” she says.

The Tatler 500-Lister also sees the trench as a family heirloom, planning to pass it on to her daughter when she becomes a teenager. Emily’s sartorial advice for her child?

“Recycle, up-cycle and reuse, should be your mantra for fashion and everything in life too,” she says. “And know yourself, know your body shape and know your style.” Although her daughter, who was excitedly clapping for her mum during the shoot, will most likely have no problem finding her sense of style.

“She’s not even three years old yet and she’s already picking her own outfits,” says Emily. “She has a keen eye for fashion and she even helps me choose my clothes sometimes.”

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