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Your next conscious purchase should be any of these trendy and elegant recycled sneakers from Nike, New Balance, OTA Paris, and more!

Do what you love by expressing yourselves through fashion and helping the environment by donning sneakers that contribute to a more eco-friendly world in the near future. Because doing something as simple as wearing a pair of recycled sneakers just might do something good for the earth and mankind.

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New Balance The Vision Racer ReWorked Sneakers

A consciously crafted footwear like The Vision Racer ReWorked Sneakers by New Balance is the new chic pair you've been wanting for so long. The sneakers have subtle colour specks all over and have the same chunky soles. The release on Earth Day, 22 April, is exciting as these new sneakers are made entirely of recycled materials.

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SAYE Modelo '89 Vegan Sneakers

Trust that SAYE used all vegan materials to create their new collection of vintage-looking sneakers. Available in white, caramel and dark, these recycled sneakers are made mostly with mango fruit, corn, and cotton. For their reinforcements? They use 65 per cent recycled thermoplastic and 35 per cent wood chips. And when you buy a pair, SAYE will plant two trees. So far, the brand has planted over 130,000!

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Nike Space Hippie 03 Sneakers

If you were to visit Mars, at least put on the Nike Space Hippie 03 sneakers when it drops. These sneakers were inspired by life on the Red Planet. The team behind the design knew materials would be scarce in space, so they decided to use scraps or "space junk" to create this unique and radical pair. 

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Reebok NPC UK Cotton + Corn Shoes

Reebok might have retained their sneaker silhouette with this collection but used new eco-friendly materials such as cotton and corn. The upper is made of 100 per cent cotton and a biobased sole made of corn. For the first time, a sneaker made with 75 per cent USDA certified bio-based shoe was made. Both men and women can sport a pair in various colours.

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OTA Paris Sneakers

OTA Paris has sneakers with soles made of recycled tires. Three new pairs are made out of one old tire, helping the environment by ridding of a material that lasts up to 600 years. Should you don sneakers from this brand, you'll be recycling non-biodegradable—but with fashion!

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Nothing New Sneakers

Nothing New is a brand that was born out of environmental purpose. Not only does this brand create sneakers that look good, but they also create pairs that do good to the planet. Post-consumer plastic waste is recycled and transformed into their sneakers' laces. Both men and women can make a difference by trying on these eco-friendly kicks.

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