Glam up with these staple white sneakers from Dior, Veja, Alexander McQueen and more

White sneakers—a pair that remains a fashion staple to this day for its simple yet chic style. It can match any look be it with dresses, shorts, pants, or leggings. But as neat and simple as it appears, a great pair can elevate your style. The silhouette, shape, and details can still make a difference to your overall look. 

Here's a list of white sneakers that can help your outfit glam up rather than just complete it:

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The Dior ID sneakers is the newest of the bunch and frankly one of the most fashionable pairs overall. Maria Grazia Chiuri reinvented these white sneakers in two-tone versions. The pair has textured details and is crafted in white leather with an accent that shows off Dior's gold signature. The contrasting colours include dark blue, nude, green, and red. The accents are just enough to retain the white sneakers' clean and fresh look.

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Veja V-Lock Sneakers

Ecologically sustainable and fashionable, the Vega V-Lock sneakers is a notable pair that you may want to wear to stay stylish and conscious of your environment. The materials used to craft the V-Lock is sourced and constructed with upcycled materials. The noticeable 'V' is also a great detail which is available in colours white, black, pink, green and more. 

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Off-White Out Of Office "OOO" Sneakers

Virgil Abloh's Out of Office "OOO" sneakers is a fun pair to wear anywhere but the office. While these sneakers are designed with an all-white colour, the iconic orange tag gives it a unique look. This way, when you wear the "OOO" on your feet, you need not worry if your sneakers are looking too plain. Let your Off-White sneakers make your outfit more stylish than it already is!

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Alexander McQueen Pelle Lace-Up Sneakers

The Alexander McQueen Pelle lace-up sneakers is simply elegant. The silhouette of this pair makes it distinct from most white sneakers because of its flat platform heels and signature logo in a light colour found on the tongue and backstay. For a sophisticated look, wear the Alexander McQueen with a gorgeous dress and you'll surely be turning heads.

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Nike Air Force 1

This pair belongs in your collection as it's a classic design that can match sporty or casual outfits. The Nike Air Force 1 is a favourite in the shoe market for its simple all-white design. Many prefer these because they can easily slip on the Air Force 1 and it can match any outfit. It is a true staple.

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