Celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence tell us what they would do for love.

Christian Dior has joined forces with the WE Charity to support its educational initiative via a new social media campaign coined the Dior Love Chain, and it has recruited a bevy of stars to help spread its message.

Backed by actress Natalie Portman, the campaign sees megastars such as Rihanna, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron talk to the camera about what they would do for love (spoiler: RiRi would "give love" and J-Law would "pretend that sleeping in sexy underwear is comfortable").

There are also some big fashion industry names, with supermodel Bella Hadid, editor Carine Roitfeld, beauty blogger Camila Coelho and fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni all spilling their thoughts about the topic. Each conversation ends with the stars asking: "And you? What would you do for love?"

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Dior is asking social media users to respond to the question with their own creative reflections, posted to Instagram, Twitter or Weibo. For each post hashtagged #DiorLoveChain, Parfums Christian Dior will donate $1 to the WE Charity to support its WE Schools initiative to provide education for young girls in Kenya. The campaign will run through December 31, 2017, and Dior will donate up to US$250,000 to the cause.

So, this fall, what would you do for love?

For more information on the campaign, see here.