This Christmas, we follow Cornerstone Wines' power couple Clinton Ang and Tina Cheng as they shop for family, friends, and each other

Another year has passed, and the holiday season is upon us again, which feels all the more precious—amidst the strange circumstances—this year for loved ones to get together, celebrate, and of course, shop for Christmas presents.

“Clinton and I have certain Christmas traditions, but we don’t actually wait till Christmas to buy each other gifts. Making each other happy is an everyday thing,” Tina Cheng, finance manager at Cornerstone Wines tells us.

Indeed, we could learn a thing or two about romance from Tina and her husband Clinton Ang, who is the managing director at Cornerstone Wines. The couple, who have been happily married for eight years and are proud parents to two beautiful daughters, were inseparable as we followed them on a Christmas shopping trip to Raffles City, where they also found the time to throw in a surprise for each another.

“Clinton spends a lot of time working, so I usually buy him work-related gifts for Christmas to remind him of me. It could be a statement belt and a name card holder that he could bring everywhere, or a nice pen that he could use for signing,” Tina shares.

“In return, he knows that I like scents and beautiful bottles, so every Christmas, he picks a scent that he likes as a gift to me, and I would wear it for the rest of the year.”


I like how Maje is both feminine and bold. There's something for every occasion.
Tina Cheng

Maje | 01-26

Cortina Watch

Cortina Watch offers gifts that truly withstand the test of time.
Clinton Ang

Cortina Watch | 01-36


Penhaligon's fragrances are elegant and traditional. Every scent seems to hold some history or a story behind it.
Tina Cheng

Penhaligon's | 01-27


Montblanc presents professionalism in its chicest form. Their designs are mostly subtle, yet command presence.
Tina Cheng

Montblanc | 01-28 to 29

The Whisky Distillery

An absolute treat for the senses with its wide selection of whiskies and beautiful interior design.
Tina Cheng

The Whisky Distillery | 01-36C

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