Cover We're listing the best Hong Kong-themed Christmas gifts to give out this holiday season (Photo: Courtesy of Kapok)

We're listing the very best Hong Kong themed gifts for Christmas 2020––from prints to phone cases, candles and more

As the pandemic continues to put travel on hold, many of us will be celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong this year––but perhaps there's a silver lining, with more time spent at home encouraging us to appreciate and explore the city a little bit more.

To pay homage to the city, we've put together the best Hong Kong-themed gifts that will bring the city to your loved ones around the world this Christmas.

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Hong Kong Taxi Artwork

This Hong Kong artwork designed by Louise Hill colourfully depicts the busy hustle and bustle of Central. Featuring traditional signs, iconic trams and more, it's a great addition to your living room, reminding you of the beauty of the city you call home.

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Dumpling Salt And Pepper Shakers

When we think of Hong Kong food, the image of dumplings certainly comes to mind. What's better than getting this steamed bun/dumpling salt and pepper shakers? They make not only an elegant souvenir of the city's food, but also a very Hong Kong gift to friends and family.

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Ciaolink Victoria Harbour Print

Nothing can get more Hong Kong than the scene of Victoria Harbour––the ultimate postcard image of the city. With this Victoria Harbour print, your home will feel closer to the city, with the wooden-framed print being the perfect addition to any home. 

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The Line Hong Kong Golden

One of the mot iconic sights in Hong Kong is our skyline and nothing encapsulates that better than this piece. Depicting the skyline of Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui, this golden print will spice up the colour of your walls, reminding you of the charm of the city.

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Hong Kong Neon Phone Case

Neon signs are a common sight in Hong Kong––more so because it's something that you can only see in the city. Besides the design, this sleek case protects your phone from scratches, dust, oil and dirt. It has a solid back and flexible sides that make it easy to take on and off.

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The Lion Rock Press Limited Edition Luxury Scented Candle

This luxury scented candle is specifically hand-poured and hand-blended right here in Hong Kong. It's encased in a striking white frosted glass vessel with a rose gold lid and made using natural soy wax using the finest essential oils. With other 40 hours of burn time, the scents of rosewood, mandarin, clary sage and frankincense are ideal for the festive season.

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The Lion Rock Press Hanging Decorations: Limited Edition Virus Set

This limited edition set consists of a masked snowman, masked lucky cat, a rainbow and a bottle of hand sanitiser––perfect not only for the Christmas season, but as a playful reminder of unprecedented times we're in. This adorable Hong Kong-themed set makes for a wonderful treat, a gift as well as a unique table decoration.


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Faux Tea And Coffee Espresso Cup And Saucer Set

Add Faux's iconic Hong Kong Willow pattern cup and saucer to your tableware––ideal for all the meals and celebrations this season. The unique design is classic yet contemporary, with the elegant ceramics appeasing tea and coffee lovers alike.


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