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On set at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, California with Jimmy Choo, the 21-year-old actress recounts everything from what drives her in the film business to her favourite styles from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection

Chloë Grace Moretz may be just 21 years old, but her career in the film industry spans over more than half her life. The actress made her on-screen debut at just seven years old in Amityville Horror (2005), and has blockbuster hits such as Kick Ass (2010) and Carrie (2013) under her belt.

With four films slated to be released this year and boasting over 14 million followers on Instagram, it’s a wonder the Hollywood starlet has any downtime. “The last getaway I had was for my birthday. We went to Mexico," the actress reveals, "for me, it’s more about the company you’re with over the destination. If you’re with people you love, you can be anywhere in the world and it feel like home”.

Whisked away to Palm Springs with Jimmy Choo, Moretz gets candid about her favourites from Jimmy, her family and career.

What are the key ingredients for the ultimate weekend getaway?
Great people, great music, and great food.
Which are your favourite Jimmy Choo pieces that you shot and why?
I loved the ones I shot with by the pool. The tobacco suede pumps were also great, they’re the perfect casual, yet sexy, weekend shoe for dressing up for a nice dinner out.

You’ve worn Jimmy Choo countless times on the red carpet—do you have any specific memories of styles you’ve loved or any favourite outfits?
That’s easy. When I was at the Sundance Film Festival, the perfect shoes for me were my gold Jimmy Choo boots. I even wore them to the Women’s Rally, in falling snow, and they made me feel like Wonder Woman. After the rally, I wore the same boots with my Vampire’s Wife dress for the after party to the premiere. They're so versatile!

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

Are you a big shoe person?
My mom always had the best shoe collection when I was growing up, so I always knew from a young age that that’s what I wanted too. The perfect shoe for me is something comfortable but flashy enough to make a statement.
How about when it comes to handbags?
It depends on where I’m wearing the bag. For evenings out, if it’s a clutch, it needs to be big enough to hold my lipstick, phone, and wallet. And I definitely need it to be a cross-body, just in case the night leads to dancing.
Whose shoes would you like to step into for a day?
Gloria Steinem. She’s always been such an inspiration to me. She stood up for so many things over the years that were considered politically controversial to support. She never took “no” for an answer, stood behind her words and stood for equality for all.

Career-wise, 2018 looks to be yet another stellar year with various film slated for release. What has been the secret of your segue from child to teen to more adult films? And where do you think your drive comes from?
There’s not much that I would call a secret, honestly. Over the years, it’s always been focusing on what is most important to me emotionally to depict on screen. As well as surrounding myself with my family and other people around me who have my best interest in mind. My drive, I would say, comes from my deep love of acting and filmmaking in general.

You’ve worked in the film business for over 15 years, and have played progressive, strong female characters– where did that attitude come from?
Growing up, I was raised by a single mother with my four brothers. I have always had a strong opinion of who I wanted to be in this world, which translated to who I am in this industry. It was never a question for me whether I wanted to be the heroine of my own story or the damsel in distress.

I always wanted to be the one taking charge. The diversity of the different roles in my career really came from my wanting to try all genres and auditioning at a young age for each different type of role, instead of just telling myself I was good at one style and sticking to that.

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What does empowerment mean to you?
I think empowerment is too complex to explain with just a few words or examples. I have found that always vocalizing my opinion, while simultaneously listening, comprehending, and learning from others’ opinions has gotten me farther than just having one stance.

It’s helpful to have progressive debates on subjects, there are so many ways to empower yourself and others around you.

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

How easy has it been to find female mentors?
I’ve been incredibly lucky, from the time I was a kid in this industry to have always worked with such supportive women, in front of and behind the camera. They taught me, as did my brothers and my mother, that we are stronger together. Supporting each other will get us farther than being so fiercely competitive that you alienate not only others around you, but yourself as well.

Social media has put a new spin on celebrity, allowing a much more intimate connection with fans and also offering actors the chance to express themselves through a different medium. How do you feel about being in control of the way you share your personal life?
It has always been important to me that I run all my social media accounts myself. I felt from the time I started on Instagram and Twitter that these profiles were extensions of myself, as well as platforms for me to be able to engage with my fans and have my words be spoken directly from me.

It's very exciting to share my love of photography on Instagram and giving my fans a glimpse into my world. 

What are you really prioritising for your future over the next couple of years?
I’m excited to try my hand at different jobs in the film industry, to really dive into being more of a creator than just an actor. From producing through my production company to co-directing with my brother, Trevor, I believe I will find ways to come into my own artistic groove over these years to come. 

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