From 31 Rue Cambon to the Grand Palais, Chanel shares with us the five most important landmarks in the brand's heritage.  

In its latest chapter of 'Inside Chanel', the French couturier offers a tour to five legendary locations that relate to the house of Chanel through a short feature film titled 'Paris by Chanel'.

From the famous atelier at Rue Cambon to the iconic Grand Palais where Chanel runways are held, the film features five Parisian landmarks that are close to Chanel's heart - 31 Rue Cambon, The Atelier, The Ritz Paris, 18 Place Vendome and the Grand Palais.

These five locations make up the journey of Chanel from where Mademoiselle Chanel started her millnery shop at Rue Cambon to the Grand Palais where the couture and ready-to-wear collections are presented every season.

As part of the 'Inside Chanel' film series, the film continues to tell the story of the brand's heritage. A story that began with a film about the Chanel No. 5 perfume and moved on to features, which include tales of the signature tweed jacket, the Chanel mascots and the legendary founder, Mademoiselle Chanel.

A dedicated microsite has also been created to archive the series for patrons to immerse in the beauty of Chanel wherever they want. The site includes images from the past to present, videos and also a timeline that documents the Chanel voyage.

(Photos and videos courtesy of Chanel)

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