Esteemed mouthpieces of fashion like Susie Lau, Margaret Zhang and Veronika Heilbrunner reveal their Chanel handbag moments and relationship in a podcast available on Apple.

Call it a voyeuristic pleasure, call it a genuine curiosity: We women frequently admire each other’s handbags, and turn them into conversation starters. The rite of friendship is established when you’re given the freedom to dive into a woman's handbag and discover the personal effects within.

In a new Chanel podcast series, 3.55 Handbag Stories, Gabrielle Chanel’s legendary apartment is filled with the lively presence of 10 influential fashionistas from all walks of life, as they intimately discuss their Chanel handbags and how they style completely different looks, with Amanda Harlech, Karl Lagerfeld’s “outside pair of eyes.”

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If you’ve always wondered what’s in the handbag of Style Bubble’s quirky Susie Lau, what supermodel sensation Soo Joo Park can’t live without, or what streetstyle star Veronika Heilbrunner of hey woman! loves about her all-rounded Chanel handbag, Amanda sifts from one to topic to another.

Other guest speakers include director and photographer Margaret Zhang, model Stella Tennant and blogger Tamu McPherson.

Take a seat with fashion’s smartest squad via the 3.55 Handbag Stories available on Apple Podcasts for free.

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