Cover Photo: Courtesy of Celine

Sun, sand, sequins and... FMX stunt-bikers? For Celine’s men’s spring/summer 2022 collection, Hedi Slimane brought high fashion to the shore with just a whiff of rebellious teen spirit

When it comes to Hedi Slimane’s vision of fashion, you can almost see the archetype in your mind: lean, tailored, leather jackets, the artfully elevated grunge that artists and musicians pull off with ease. But for men’s spring/summer 2022, the creative, artistic and image director director of Celine has skilfully incorporated references and elements that draw the brand inexorably into the now with an exuberant sense of freedom.

Here, Tatler brings you the top five highlights from the Celine men’s spring/summer 2022 digital showcase.

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There was a sense of freedom and renewal

Titled Cosmic Cruiser, the digital presentation was pre-filmed on the Archipel des Embiez in the south of France, not far from where Slimane lives. In a sense, the collection was a culmination of the designer’s design philosophy: the lean male form, the freedom of youth, and the timelessness of a well-tailored suit. It has to be said, though, that there was a sense that Slimane too was embracing the freeing qualities of being outdoors, and conveyed this with fashionable slogans on his aforementioned skinny-cut suit jackets.

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It flirted with genderless fashion

But there was an evolution in the way that Slimane designed the men’s spring/summer 2022 collection as well. There were more references to genderless fashion—whose wave has swept the fashion industry—with long, ankle-length skirts, looser cuts, and flowing tops. It’s a welcome progression from Slimane’s regular rock ’n roll meets high fashion teenager aesthetic and acknowledges the changed landscape of fashion right now.

Slimane collaborated with 14 artists

Being in forced into lockdown, Slimane was unable to physically connect with his favourite sport, artist and music communities, which led him to engage with these communities virtually. (Designers, they’re really just like us.) This led to a collaboration with 14 young, contemporary artists for the men’s spring/summer 2022 collection, including Amy Dorian, Anna Hofmann, Emerson Snowe, Anne MacKenzie, Harry Wyld, Marcelo Lavin, Mary Hebert, Paige Mehrer, Paisley Verse, Sara Yukiko, Scott Daniel Ellison, Scott Reeder, Sophy Hollington and Tyler Childress. Their contributions appeared on T-shirts, motifs, jewellery, embellishments and shoes. What’s more, their works will also be featured in Celine stores in the months to come, British Vogue reports.

Sequins, rhinestones and glitter were a key part of the collection

All that glitters definitely caught Slimane’s eye this season—sequins, rhinestones and glitter were used liberally in the men’s spring/summer 2022 collection, whether it was as embellishments on denim jackets, hoodies and motorcycle vests, or on full-on pieces like the caftan with a sunset scene (above) and oversized tailored jackets. It recalled the sunlight glinting off the Mediterranean waves in the distance, and reminded us of the shimmering seascape in the show’s teaser.

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The FMX drivers’ gravity-defying stunts made more than a little splash

Tearing across the show’s venue, in-built with freestyle motocross ramps, the fearless FMX drivers leaped and rocketed through the air and added a dose of high-octane buzz to the digital presentation. It also represented the fearlessness of youth and irreverent qualities that Slimane is so enamoured by, and provided a modern contrast with last season’s horse-riding heroes.

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Watch the Celine Men’s spring/summer 2022 Cosmic Cruiser show below.