The moccasin, espadrille, sneaker, desert boot and knit sneaker: here's a guide to the five classic shoes that one should have, with Loro Piana’s spring/summer 2020 collection in mind

Here’s a gentleman’s guide to a capsule casual shoe wardrobe, taking references from Loro Piana’s summer menswear range. 

The luxury Italian brand's footwear creations have become as iconic as their signature Merino wool sweaters, and it’s not surprising, considering that the brand has a distinct history of developing technical apparel and accessories for sport. That same ethos has continued until today as shoe designs are engineered for supreme comfort and performance in the sphere of luxury.

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1. The Moccasin

Name: Summer Walk moccasins

Purpose: This ultra-soft, comfortable shoe was originally designed for sailing, they were specifically created to be worn on the Loro Piana superyacht, My Song.

Design: There are elements of a yachting shoe on the Summer Walk, like the white sole—a typical feature in the footwear of sailors as they don’t stain or rub off on wooden decks. The white sole is an exclusive blend of natural rubber and technical materials, with reduced sensitivity to temperature changes, that way it doesn’t lose its shape in heat nor contract when cold. It also has excellent traction to prevent slipping when the yacht is moving too.

There is also a space on the sole of the heel for the owner to sign their name, a feature that is inspired by deck shoes as most yachts have a bare-feet policy and shoes would be placed in a basket. The summer shoe is also in unlined suede, making them ideal for the warmer weather with a water-repellent finish.

2. The Sneaker

Name: Modular Walk sneakers

Purpose: Comfortable everyday shoes that keep out the rain and humidity

Design: Modular Walk is a new sneaker style for 2020, crafted from Aqualight, a new technical material created purely for footwear. It’s a high-performance fabric that is waterproof and humid-proof, and paired with water and stain-resistant suede for a sleek, contemporary shoe design.

The shoes have cushioned ankles and the inside is lined with Nappa leather. It also features an ultra-light, flexible 3cm sole, designed for comfort and flexibility.

3. The Desert Boot

Name: Open Walk shoes

Purpose: Stylish shoes that are easy to slip on and off in one quick movement

Design: Think of these as soft minimalist ankle boots without laces—a stylish casual shoe that is also incredibly versatile. Their design includes a patented opening with the use of a concealed elastic under the tongue of the shoe that makes it very easy for one to slip shoes on or off speedily.

The shoe is made with suede that has been treated with a water-repellent finish, and one can pick between a lined and unlined option. The Open Walk comes in the same flexible white sole as the Summer Walk moccasins, including a spot on the sole to indicate one’s name on.

4. The Knit Sneaker

Name: 360 Flexy Walk sneakers

Purpose: Lightweight and supremely comfortable, and it's also a trendy shoe that has been knitted like a sweater for your feet.

Design: Wool in a shoe? Besides being super soft and light, wool is also able to respond to changes in the body temperature, allowing cool, dry comfort in all seasons. The spring-like stretchiness of wool and natural breathability makes the shoe feel like a second skin too.

This sneaker has a double-layer knitted Merino wool upper, and it was crafted on the loom (in the company's woollen mill) just like a sweater would be, then subsequently fused with the ultra-light technical sole.

In its name, 360 refers to the feather-light weight of the shoes—yes, the 360 Flexy Walk weights only 360 grams.

5. The Espadrille

Name: Seaside Walk espadrilles

Purpose: Sometimes it’s quite a conundrum: what covered shoes do you wear to the beach? Well, that’s where the espadrilles come in—and Loro Piana has created a refined interpretation of the Spanish summer footwear.

Design: The defining characteristic of the espadrille is the sole, particularly, a flexible sole made of rope. The Seaside Walk’s rope sole is made by hand in Spain, with two inserts in natural rubber featuring the Loro Piana initials.


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Above Seaside Walk espadrilles in The Lotus Flower

The upper varies greatly, and our favourites from the brand include one that has been crafted with a luxurious alligator leather lined in calfskin (above) and another crafted from The Lotus Flower fabric (left), one of the most valuable and finest textile fibres in the world, even more delicate than cotton and linen.

It’s made of a sacred precious fibre derived from the stems of the lotus blooms that are grown in Myanmar. Loro Piana has an ongoing collaboration with the local population in the Myanmar region, and is the first Western company to create fabric using lotus flower fibre.

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